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Lions Ground has served the public for more than 11 years as an alternative news publisher.
The independence, impartiality, and knowledge make Lions Ground a powerful tool in favor of ufology.
In 2018 Lions Ground applies these three characteristics to serve and protect the world of ufology.

Lions Ground Is More Than A Content Creator, It’s A Community.

Lions Ground recently started a community so that people with interest or experiences in UFOs and mysterious stories can come here without having the fear of being attacked or ridiculed. The community respect 100% your privacy and protect your privacy against crawl bots and other sneaky tricks search engines and social networks applies to collect and sell information without you being aware of it. The point is, you can register without fear. You meet like-minded people and you can cancel the subscription at any time without conditions.

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Meet Open Minded People

Are you afraid that you are being ridiculed or trolled? Not here! The people who found Lions Ground knows how to respect thoughts and ideas those of others.

Meet Like Minded People

The members of Lions Ground’s community come from all over the world, they are unique, and share other thoughts. Chances are that there are members who connect your ideas and visions.

You Are Protected

The number one priority is that everyone feels safe. The community is behind closed doors to guarantee your privacy and security. The community golden rule is we leave every person in their value.

What Content Do I Find Here?

Here you will find content about the unexplainable such as UFOs and paranormal,
but you can also find earthly uncensored news and even educational content!


What do members think about Lions Ground?

about was recently relaunched as an alternative to Patreon. In doing so, it has done away with any worries about censorship and is truly independent. I use this several times a day to catch up on alternative news. I have learned much within the forums. Topics range from UFOs, government, paranormal, crime and Tech news to Fake News. The stories are really interesting and are stories that i will not usually see in the MSM.

As an example, the current Crypto currency discussion within the forum has proved highly useful to me. I have learned a lot about crypto currency here and consider some of the information posted to be pretty high end.

I have also learned to begin questioning the information i take in from videos i watch on Youtube, particularly UFO related -as this is my main interest. If i have a question about a particular video i can simply post it and embed the video within the site. (something i find is really useful) and let others scrutinise it! Doing so, i am learning how to spot fake news more easily. I highly recommend this site. It is 100% more functional and useful that Patreon. I really look forward to seeing more interesting people within our community.


What is really going on?

In 2016, Youtube signed an agreement with the European Commission to tackle hate speech. What is meant with hate speech is very unclear. This is followed up by the Youtube ad boycott in 2017 to bring the 2016 plan into action with all its consequences. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) began in Spring 2018. Some websites are literally blocked from access to all European citizens.

Financial goal

Financial Goal

Lions Ground is currently carrying a lot of expenses such as:

  • Software license costs
  • Internet costs
  • Website server costs
  • Other licenses
  • Buffer for the future

The income gained from memberships is ultimately used to give Lions Ground a future. The dark green gives the current status of the achieved goal.

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