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About Lions Ground

Established on October 16, 2007, Lions Ground is a unique platform dedicated to unbiased reporting, thorough investigation, and debunking . Our mission is to uncover the truth, promote justice, and deliver reliable information to empower our audience.

Our Journey

Over the years, Lions Ground has achieved significant milestones, including debunking various conspiracy theories and providing evidence-based explanations. In 2019, we reached a significant number of subscribers on YouTube, a testament to our growing influence and the trust our audience places in us.

What Sets Us Apart

Lions Ground stands out from other similar platforms in several key ways:

  • Unbiased Reporting: We are committed to providing unbiased reporting, focusing on presenting facts and evidence without favoring any particular agenda or bias.
  • Crime Reporting and Investigative Journalism: We specialize in crime reporting and investigative journalism, with a focus on uncovering the truth and shedding light on criminal activities.
  • Debunking Conspiracy Theories: We actively engage in debunking conspiracy theories by examining evidence, providing logical explanations, and promoting critical thinking.
  • Independent Individual: Lions Ground is run by a single individual, giving it a unique perspective and voice. This individual-driven approach sets us apart from larger organizations or media outlets.
  • Engaging Community: We foster an engaging community of true crime enthusiasts, mystery readers, criminal justice professionals, and media enthusiasts. The active participation and discussions within this community contribute to the distinctiveness of Lions Ground.

Meet Heathcliff

Heathcliff, a Dutch man born and raised in a small farmer village in the Netherlands, is the owner and founder of Lions Ground. Inspired by the Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries and his favorite animal, the male lion, Heathcliff has created a platform that embodies the strength and courage of its namesake.

Our Core Values

At Lions Ground, we uphold the values of truth, justice, unbiased reporting, integrity, and transparency. We conduct thorough research, fact-check, and maintain ethical standards in our content. If any inaccuracies are discovered, we promptly correct and update the content to maintain accuracy and transparency.

Our Process

Our process of debunking conspiracy theories involves thorough research and analysis, fact-checking, logical reasoning, an evidence-based approach, and transparent reporting. We engage with our audience, encouraging discussions and providing a platform for dialogue.

Our Future

After a brief hiatus in 2019, Lions Ground is planning a comeback with the goal of building a large community. In the far future, we aim to launch a professional studio to invite guests and conduct live streams.

Get Involved

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Join us on this journey as we continue to uncover the truth, debunk myths, and provide a platform for unbiased reporting and discussion. Welcome to Lions Ground, where the lion's roar of truth is always heard.