Truth Behind Viral Cruise Ship Ocean Lights

A viral video on TikTok and X, showing cruise ship passengers intrigued by mysterious blue ocean lights, prompts investigation, debunking UFO and algae theories.

The story began when a video surfaced on social media platforms, notably TikTok, capturing the attention of thousands. It showed passengers aboard a cruise ship, fixated on glowing blue objects in the ocean. The absence of context led to rampant speculation, with the video quickly becoming a hotbed for theories ranging from extraterrestrial activity to natural marine phenomena.

Viewers were presented with a scene of passengers aboard a cruise ship, their curiosity piqued by an unidentified glowing blue entity in the water. The video’s lack of background information allowed for a multitude of interpretations, with captions such as “Strange Things Are Happening” and “Unexplainable lights surface to the ocean top as cruise ship occupants all film in amazement” further mystifying the audience.

To demystify the origins of the video, a detailed investigation was undertaken. Utilizing reverse image search and analyzing the footage frame by frame, the inquiry sought to uncover the truth behind the captivating visuals. This methodical approach eventually led to a breakthrough, revealing a narrative far removed from the speculative theories initially proposed.

The investigation revealed that the video, rather than depicting an unexplained marine phenomenon, actually showed the aftermath of a capsized boat. This was confirmed through a witness account from another passenger, who provided a firsthand explanation of the events. The supposed mysterious lights were, in fact, reflections from the submerged boat’s surface, illuminated by the cruise ship’s lights.

The witness HRTCTH, who recorded the video, says: “Wanted to jump on here and do a little explanation of the pinned videos. Was cruising on the carnival dream on June 10, 2023. While eating dinner, the captain comes on the speaker, and says that there is a capsized vessel, and we are the closest one to this vessel. So we proceed to turn the ship around and go and check on this vessel. As you can see in the videos There are tons of fish and sharks and at times we all thought there was somebody there until it got close right by the ship. While filming I couldn’t see any of the fish or sharks until playback. We didn’t find anybody and so we went back to headed to Galveston.”

Side by side image of the object in the water.
Side by side image of the object in the water. Left: © HRTCTH, right: source unknown.

The investigation results disproved the ideas about UFOs and glowing algae. It showed how wrong information can mislead people and stressed the need for context when understanding online material.

Despite the widespread attention the video received, there are no specific news reports or publications detailing the Carnival Dream turning around to check on a capsized vessel on June 10, 2023. The only related incident found in public records occurred on May 18, 2023, when the Carnival Dream’s crew assisted in the rescue of 17 individuals stranded in the Belize Channel following their boat’s capsizing. Efforts to obtain a comment from Carnival News regarding the discrepancy in dates and details have been made, and this article will be updated with their response upon receipt.

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