19-Year-Old De’Asia Hart Tragically Dies in Georgia State University Shooting, Family Questions Nearby Patrol Car’s Inaction

In the early hours of October 29, 2023, a tragic event unfolded near Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. De’Asia Hart, a 19-year-old mother and recent graduate, became an innocent victim of a shooting that stemmed from a dispute between two groups. This incident, occurring near a RaceTrac gas station, not only claimed De’Asia’s life but also left three other bystanders injured.

De’Asia succumbed to her injuries on November 6, leaving behind a one-year-old child and a family grappling with grief and unanswered questions. The family’s statement, as reported by WSB-TV, paints a picture of a young woman full of aspirations, with dreams of enrolling in school and becoming a lawyer. Her untimely death has sparked a conversation about safety, response, and responsibility.


The incident has raised significant concerns regarding the response of local authorities. The family has questioned why a patrol car, reportedly parked across the street, did not render aid during the critical moments following the shooting. This query has been echoed by the community and has led to an investigation into the actions of the Georgia State University Police Department and the Atlanta Police Department.

Surveillance footage from the scene has been released, showing a person of interest in a purple hoodie holding a firearm. The police are seeking to identify this individual and two others connected to the case. The family has also called on Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens to take a firm stance on gun control, highlighting the need for more robust measures to prevent such tragedies.

The shooting has had a profound impact on the Georgia State University community. Students have expressed concerns about their safety, and the university administration has vowed to increase patrols and work closely with the Atlanta Police Department to enhance security measures.

This incident is not isolated. It follows a pattern of violence near the university, with similar shootings occurring in April and December of the previous year. These repeated incidents underscore the urgency for more effective security strategies and community engagement to address the root causes of such violence.

De’Asia Hart’s tragic death highlights the urgent need to address gun violence and improve community safety. It’s crucial for authorities to act now to prevent such incidents and ensure everyone’s safety. This event should drive us to rethink and improve our public safety strategies.


Who was De’Asia Hart?

De’Asia Hart was a 19-year-old mother and recent graduate who aspired to become a lawyer.

What happened to De’Asia Hart?

De’Asia Hart was an innocent bystander caught in a shooting near Georgia State University and succumbed to her injuries on November 6, 2023.

What has been the response of the local authorities?

The Georgia State University Police Department and Atlanta Police Department are investigating the incident, and the university has pledged to increase security measures.

What does this incident signify for the community?

This tragic event highlights the urgent need for effective safety measures and community engagement to address and prevent gun violence.


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