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Zhanna, Shapeshifting Reptilian Exposed as a Member of Dangerous Sect



Zhanna, a woman with reptilian-like eyes, is exposed as a member of the controversial AllatRa sect.

Zhanna, whose eyes look like those of a snake or lizard went viral as people marveled at what they saw. We discovered something sinister about her during the investigation. She's full of dark secrets and we're going to share them with you, exclusively on

You may have seen her yourself, or at least heard or read about her: , the woman whose eyes look uncannily like those of a reptile.

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Zhanna's first made the rounds on in 2019, sparking an endless string of debates about whether she is an alien or a demon. Some found her appearance repulsive; others were fascinated by her beauty —and still, others were convinced that she is a hoaxer.

On April 11, 2022, we invited her for a live interview but no response. We tried once more on July 14, 2023, on the account of AllatRa but they've made it clear she has more important things to do. AllatRa told Lions Ground on TikTok: “No offence, but I think she is very busy with much more important things.”

Despite being a public figure, Zhanna never does live videos. If you've ever wondered why it's because of the eyes. That's right—they're fake.

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Well, we did some digging, her history proves otherwise. She's not that special, she's just a normal person —an elaborate serial hoaxer perpetrated by none other than Zhanna herself.

To prove this, we scoured the internet history about Zhanna in two languages for old videos—before she was being watched by millions—and discovered that in all of them, she has normal human eyes.

Zhanna's made the mistake of posting videos online without bothering to scrub the internet for old clips of herself before going viral with this lizard-eyed hoax.

In the video above she posted in 2015 titled “The two alone. Big human secret. Release 3,” her eyes are not changing. In another old video titled “Alone Together Issue 16 Meditation “Thursday” Work Experience Alone Together” her eyes didn't changed either.

In a 2014 news article [a] by Vedtver, it becomes very clear that Zhanna is an ordinary person who likes to be in center of attention and is not a lizard.

“Do you always want to be the center of attention? Almost everyone wants to be noticed, praised in time and occupy a morally comfortable position in society. Everyone around them dreams that they will be treated in the best way and this is good, but why not start with yourself? There's a good phrase about this: “As you want people to do to you, so do you do to them,” but why do we so often ignore this? Gradually, people lose faith not only in society, but also in themselves.”

The major mistake of this hoax is she forgot to erase her internet history.

Beauty and the Beast: Meet the real Zhanna

zhanna woman reptilian eyes database
Zhanna in the Center for Research of Signs of Crimes against the National Security [a]

The content you provided appears to be from the Myrotvorets Center, a non-governmental organization focused on researching elements of crimes against the national of Ukraine, peace, humanity, and international law. The center provides information for law enforcement authorities and special services about individuals they consider to be pro-Russian terrorists, separatists, mercenaries, war criminals, and murderers.

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The specific page is about an individual named Zhanna Anatolevna Hveshhuk. According to the information, she was born on February 21, 1987, and resides in Ukraine. The page accuses her of manipulating public information and using unethical methods to discredit state institutions and programs. She is also described as an active member of the movement “AllatRa” and is involved in various roles within that organization.

The Myrotvorets Center requests that law enforcement agencies consider the information as a formal statement against the individual for actions against Ukraine's national security, peace, humanity, and international law.

Real name: Zhanna Khveshchuk (Жанна Хвещук)
Pseudonym: Anastasia Novykh [a] (Анастасия Новых)
Date of birth: February 21, 1987
Studies: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv [a]
DRFO code: 3182812867
Skype: lagoda-7

She was found on Myrotvorets Center revealing her to be linked with the dangerous religious sect AllatRa that worships Vladimir Putin and sees as the devil.

She was listed on the Myrotvorets Center website [a], which indicates that she is associated with the controversial religious sect AllatRa [a], known for venerating Vladimir Putin and viewing the USA as evil.

The Myrotvorets Center is an independent non-governmental organization created by a group of scientists, journalists, and specialists in the study of signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, human security, and international law and order, engaged in creative scientific and journalistic activities, according to the about section of this website.

The website writes alarming details about Zhanna that fit well with the profile of a disinformation agent.

“Manipulation of socially significant information. The use of unethical manipulative methods of persuasion and management in order to discredit state institutions and state programs, interstate relations, traditional religious cults in favor of the aggressor country (Russia),” said Myrotvorets Center.

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“Active member of the movement “AllatRa”, presenter of the so-called “AllatRa ”; the so-called “Operator of the Information Service of the Center “Lagoda”. In 2014, she demonized the Revolution of Dignity,” Myrotvorets Center continued.

The AllatRa religious organization is a dangerous sect that worships Putin, considers the United States the Devil, and is known as the para-religious AllatRa movement. It was founded in Ukraine but now operates in over 200 countries, according to various alarming reports.

The cult is based on the doctrine set forth in the graphomania multi-volume , the author of which is a group of people under the pseudonym Anastasia Novykh (Zhanna Khveshchuk (Жанна Хвещук)).

The format involves a dialogue with the ‘Guru,' who is portrayed as a mysterious agent of special services and a former special forces officer. He is also described as a sage, a clairvoyant, and a healer capable of curing all diseases. Professionally, he is a martial arts trainer and a masseur-bone-setter. According to his passport, his name is Igor Mikhailovich, but he goes by the nickname ‘Sensei.'

On August 3, 2020, the website ORD [a] shines a light on key figures of this organization who can regularly be seen together on the YouTube channel AllatRa TV, namely the reptile woman Zhanna and her sensei Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

“The book ‘Crosshairs,' [a] written by Zhanna under the pseudonym Anastasia Novykh (Анастасия Новых), provides a clear answer to the question of who represents universal evil. According to the book, demons who are orchestrating various cataclysms are united by the United States (a point that could be interpreted as Russophobic). However, there's no need to worry; ‘Anastasia Novykh' has already prophesied that due to its lack of spirituality, the United States will eventually fragment into six parts.

In Zhanna's book, written under the pseudonym Anastasia, there is an answer to the question of who should actually be the focus of prayers. According to ‘Anastasia,' only one figure can save us—the ‘legendary figure from the KGB,' who goes by the secret name Nomo. Interestingly, the biography of this ‘Savior' is identical to that of V. V. Putin.

On April 1, 2016, the Ukrainian edition of Zerkalo Nedeli published an article [a] in its paper version. In the article, Olga Levashvili suggested that Tsvigun M., also known as Maria Davy Christos, the founder of the White Brotherhood sect from the early 1990s, was connected to the activities of AllatRa. Her interviewees refer to ‘AllatRa' as an extremist Internet sect.

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The material also notes that Maria Tsvigun received support from Alexander Zakharchenko, the head of the DPR. Religious scholar O. A. Griva, who aligns with those categorizing AllatRa as a new religious movement, describes the meetings conducted by its representatives in libraries, along with the distribution of leaflets, as illegal missionary activity.

Brainwashing Children Through Hypnosis

In 2016, journalists from Channel 24 exposed Allatra's practices, revealing that the organization employs NLP and hypnosis techniques.

NLP, or ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming,' is a form of hypnosis that uses linguistic patterns to help people change their thinking and perception, ultimately aiming to improve their quality of life. The technique has gained such popularity that some even refer to it as the ‘secret language of the mind.'

NLP was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler, a mathematician, and John Grinder, a linguistics professor. Intrigued by how people learn and organize information, they studied the methods of other experts, including therapists Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls.

Bandler and Grinder identified three key components of human experience: neurological processes (i.e., the mind), language, and programming. Their goal was to understand how these elements interact.

While NLP is commonly used in therapy or psychological counseling, there are concerns about its lack of regulation.

Another concerning aspect of the sect's activities is their focus on children, which has prompted local media to raise alarms. A polyclinic was covered in AllatRa posters, and the organization distributed gifts and literature to students in schools.

Psychologist-psychotherapist Oleksiy Shevtsov, who observed classes conducted by representatives of the movement with preschoolers and younger schoolchildren in the village of Proliski, Kyiv region, concluded that they were using NLP and hypnosis techniques.

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‘I was shocked to see that all of this is being done on children. The children are being coerced into actions like touching their noses or touching a hanger. These are direct hypnotic cues. This could have far-reaching implications for brainwashing the population, starting from childhood,' said Oleksiy Shevtsov.

Parents should be aware that such sects exist and learn how to recognize them before they gain influence.

Masonic sect

zhanna woman reptilian eyes illuminati 800x1202 1
Credits: Valery Krymsky / Zhanna wears a necklace depicting a pyramid with the all-seeing eye.
  • A book written by Zhanna, titled “Crosshairs,” advocates for dividing the United States into six parts.
  • Why 6?
  • Zhanna claims to be a reptile.
  • Zhanna is part of a sect accused of brainwashing children.
  • Zhanna is a member of a sect registered as a pro-Russian terrorist organization.

Connect these facts with her old photo above, where she wears a symbol commonly associated with the Illuminati today—a pyramid and the all-seeing eye.

The was founded in Bavaria in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, who modeled it after the Freemasons, an organization that had a reputation for being a cult at the time. The Illuminati's stated intention was to “make people better.” They were funded by a wealthy nobleman, Johann Adam Weishaupt, who provided them with money from his personal fortune and arranged for gifts from other European nobles. With this funding, the Illuminati quickly grew into a large and powerful organization.

The number six has played a significant role in the history of this secret society. Early in its history, they incorporated the number six into their logo, representing their goal of creating a perfect world order where everyone is enlightened. The number six also appears in many of their symbols, such as pyramids, hexagrams, and triangles. These symbols are still in use today.

The Illuminati is a group that many conspiracy theorists believe secretly controls the world. They are often portrayed as evil, power-hungry individuals willing to do anything to advance their agenda. Originally, the Illuminati was a secret society that existed in Bavaria from 1776 until it was outlawed by the Bavarian ruler Karl Theodor in 1785. Since then, conspiracy theorists have associated the number six with the Illuminati.

This association exists because the number six is often represented by the hexagram, composed of two overlapping triangles—one pointing up and the other pointing down. The hexagram is an ancient symbol representing the harmony between humanity and nature. It also appears in stories about aliens or extraterrestrials.

While there is no conclusive evidence supporting any of these theories, they have become prevalent enough that some people use “6” as a shorthand for “Illuminati.” However, the evidence does point more towards Freemasonry.

Zhanna Debunked

Close-Up Videos of Shapeshifting Zhanna Have Been Thoroughly Researched

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The videos that show Zhanna's supposed shapeshifting have been carefully examined. The moment her eyes begin to change, her eyelashes and other facial features also jump. This indicates that the video has been tampered with. Pixelation and other distortions can be ruled out because they always occur just before the transformation begins and just before it ends on both sides.

Zhanna's Eyes May Be Fabricated, but Her Dangerous Cult Membership Is Very Real

Although Zhanna's eyes in the video may not be real, her dangerous affiliation with the cult is certainly genuine.

In the video titled “De Un Ateo A La Santidad,” she reveals her association with the risky religious sect AllatRa, along with Danilov Igor Mihajlovich. Our conclusion: Zhanna is a cause for concern!

Top Secret Artifacts that are Fake! Zhanna Anunnaki Reptilian EXPOSED!!

This video is about debunking Zhanna, the Anunnaki woman with the reptilian eyes, who shared 6 photos claiming to be top secret artifacts on TikTok. We'll show you why they're fake.

Zhanna TikTok

Lions Ground's TikTok video about Zhanna led her to block Lions Ground on TikTok.

@lionsground#fake #hoaxbuster #zhanna ♬ original sound – Lions Ground

Zhanna, also known as @aliensoul_28, is a popular TikTok influencer who has been exposed as a member of a dangerous sect.

With more than 2.4 million followers on TikTok, Zhanna has a significant influence. She can easily deceive her followers by showing them content that appears real but is actually fabricated. In all her videos, she claims to be a reptilian shapeshifter by altering the appearance of her eyes.

Lions Ground uploaded a debunking video on June 12, 2022, titled “@aliensoul_28 & @allatratv Exposed.” In this video, we demonstrate that Zhanna's eyes are actually CGI-generated and not reptilian.

We tagged her on TikTok to get her response, but instead of addressing the issue, she blocked Lions Ground. This behavior is typical of hoaxers when confronted with evidence that contradicts their claims.


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