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Man, 28, Sentenced to Seven Years for Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy in Missouri: A Legal Examination



Moment Ethan Hagler was assaulted by Cedric Charles Moore Jr.

In a case that has stirred public sentiment and raised questions about the efficacy of the legal system, 28-year-old Cedric Charles Moore Jr. received a seven-year prison sentence for assaulting 12-year-old Ethan Hagler in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This article delves into the intricacies of the case, the legal proceedings, and its broader implications for those interested in law and .

Cedric Charles Moore Jr. in Missouri court"
Image courtesy of Southeast Missourian. All rights reserved.

The Incident: A Detailed Account

On an otherwise ordinary day, Ethan Hagler danced on a Cape Girardeau sidewalk, guided by his dance instructor, Michael Curry. The atmosphere darkened when Moore approached the young dancer. Captured on , Moore struck Hagler in the face, igniting public outrage and immediate legal action. The video became irrefutable evidence in the case.

Video showing the incident, courtesy of Stanimus. All rights reserved.

Moore initially entered a not guilty plea but later changed to guilty on a charge of second-degree . The Cape Girardeau Department strategically opted for this charge over a hate crime to ensure a more severe penalty. The court sentenced Moore to seven years in prison, marking a significant milestone in the case.

Ethan Hagler sustained minor injuries, including a bloody nose and a concussion. The community rallied around the young victim, raising nearly $17,000 through a fundraiser for medical expenses and dance studio support. Michael Curry, the dance instructor, expressed his commitment to continue teaching, despite the unsettling incident.

This incident was not Moore's first encounter with the law. He has a history of criminal activities, including domestic assault and child endangerment. His previous convictions added weight to the sentencing, painting a picture of a repeat offender.

Latest Updates

A Reddit user questioned as if this case is still active: “That article is 2 1/2 years old. Any update? Still in prison I hope.” As of now, no new developments have emerged in the case beyond the sentencing. However, both the legal community and the public maintain a close watch for any updates, given the case's significance in the realm of assault laws.

Community support for Ethan Hagler
Image courtesy of TMZ. All rights reserved.

This case has become a focal point for discussions around assault laws and the role of video evidence in legal proceedings. It also raises questions about and the effectiveness of the legal system in dealing with such offenses.

The sentencing of Cedric Charles Moore Jr. brings temporary closure to a case that has captured widespread attention. While the seven-year prison term offers a form of justice for the young victim, it also opens up a broader dialogue about the complexities and challenges inherent in the legal prosecution of assault cases.

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