Twitter Bans Marina Seren: A Serious Case of Online Misconduct

Marina Seren, a Madrid girl, has faced severe consequences as Twitter enacted a ban on her account due to her troubling behavior. The ban was instated after Lions Ground reported her for endorsing neo-Nazi ideology and leveraging shocking posts to gain attention and financial advantages. This incident highlights the importance of responsible social media usage and the need for platforms to actively combat the spread of hate speech and harmful content.


Marina Seren’s troubling behavior on Twitter has been a cause for concern and has led to severe consequences. She has claimed to be a reincarnation of various SS generals and has posted pictures of herself wearing an SS Nazi uniform. Furthermore, Marina Seren has shared images of symbols associated with the Nazis and has written unfounded statements that cause distress to large audiences. It is apparent that her intention behind these actions is to shock the public for fame, while also promoting her OnlyFans page, thereby capitalizing on the backs of millions of victims of the Second World War.

SS General

In a tweet from January 4th, Marina Seren writes, “Also, it’s you telling this to a real incarnated SS general. If I would have you desiring being part of my German troops, I would have kicked you out with my spiked German boots in your eyes, and your little butthole would have looked like Japan’s flag, clown.” This tweet is accompanied by a selfie in which she is wearing the Nazi uniform, captioned, “This is my nose btw, ooga booga neo-Nazi bullshitter little dicken.”

Marina Seren wearing a Nazi outfit, posing in front of a painting of Adolf Hitler.
Marina Seren sparks outrage with her selfie in a Nazi outfit, posing boldly in front of a painting depicting Adolf Hitler.

In another example of borderline content, she writes in a tweet from September 12th, 2022, addressing the UFO and UAP community, “Dear #UFOtwitter #UAPtwitter, I am NOT a Nazi. Nor antisemitic. Stop making up things from ignorance. The black sun and the ⚡️runes are powerful and positive ancient symbols. And the VRIL society was NOT on the side of the bad Nazis. They had conflict with them and their views.” It is important to note that the Black Sun symbol prominently displayed in the floor of the Wewelsburg Castle deviates significantly from ancient symbols and was indeed used by the Nazis.

Marina Seren is a Clout-Chaser

Clout-chasing refers to the act of seeking attention, recognition, or social status by engaging in controversial or attention-grabbing behavior, often with the intention of gaining popularity or financial benefits. Individuals who engage in clout-chasing typically prioritize the pursuit of fame or notoriety over genuine expression or meaningful contribution.

For example, Marina Seren’s behavior on social media platforms, including her endorsement of neo-Nazi ideology and the posting of shocking content, can be seen as an example of clout-chasing. By leveraging provocative posts, she aimed to generate attention, increase her following, and promote her OnlyFans page, all at the expense of perpetuating harmful ideologies and exploiting the memory of millions of victims of the Second World War. This kind of behavior demonstrates a focus on personal gain and self-promotion rather than responsible and meaningful engagement with others or the platform itself.

Marina Seren Banned by Twitter

Marina Seren’s ban will have a significant impact on her reach, considering that Twitter was one of her main platforms. The platform has made it clear that her behavior violated their hateful conduct rule, leading to the suspension of her account.

Twitter stated,

We suspended @SerenMarina’s account for breaking our hateful conduct rule. We found they broke our hateful conduct rule through different reports we received about their behavior. They aren’t allowed to create new accounts. We let people know that they’ve been suspended, the safety rules they broke, and which content broke our rules.

There have been no official statements or responses from Marina Seren or any other involved parties. However, David Bucky, one of Lions Ground’s followers, expressed support on our YouTube channel, commenting, “Awesome!” and Tim G Star responded to this story with “Good job sir.”

This incident serves as an example for Twitter and its policy on Hateful Conduct. In their guidelines, Twitter explicitly states, “You may not directly attack other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.” By taking action against individuals like Marina Seren, Twitter aims to enforce their policy and combat the spread of hate speech.

The termination of Marina Seren’s Patreon page was prompted by Lions Ground’s notification to Patreon regarding her financially supported hate-filled online behavior. The evidence presented included posts featuring photos in which Marina Seren promotes symbols associated with the Nazis, espousing beliefs that deny the presence of Jewish or mixed blood in their veins, and asserting that none of their ancestors belong to colored races. These posts align with her pro-white expressions, anti-Semitic behavior on Facebook, and the use of emojis depicting the double lightning symbol representing the SS, along with cartoons featuring the SS.

Cartoon depiction of a female girl in a Nazi outfit with SS symbol, posted by Marina Seren on Twitter.
Marina Seren’s Twitter post featuring a cartoon of a girl in a Nazi outfit with the SS symbol in the background stirs controversy.

In response to these concerns, Patreon conducted a careful investigation and determined that Marina Seren’s Patreon page violated their guidelines, specifically the clause on Hate Speech. As a result, her Patreon page was removed, and she is no longer welcome on the platform. Patreon’s decision to take action against Marina Seren was based on the evidence provided by Lions Ground, highlighting the platform’s commitment to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for its users.

Marina Seren, in her response to Patreon’s decision, took to Twitter to express her discontent. She posted a tweet directed at Blaire from Patreon’s Trust and Safety Team, saying, “Dear Blaire of Support from Patreon’s Trust and Safety Team, f* you in all possible languages.” Her reaction demonstrates her frustration and resistance to the consequences of her online behavior.

Marina Seren OnlyFans Page

Regarding Marina Seren’s OnlyFans page, the same evidence was brought to the attention of the platform. However, despite the termination of her Patreon page and Twitter account, OnlyFans has allowed her account to remain active. This decision raises questions about OnlyFans’ policies and their stance on hosting individuals who engage in hate speech.

Unveiling the Truth: Lions Ground Presents the Definitive Account of Marina Seren’s Controversial Journey

The termination of Marina Seren’s Patreon page and Twitter account and the differing responses from Patreon, Twitter, and OnlyFans highlight the complexities surrounding content moderation and the varying approaches taken by different platforms. While Twitter and Patreon took swift action based on the evidence provided and their commitment to upholding guidelines, OnlyFans has made a different decision in allowing Marina Seren to continue using their platform. These outcomes further emphasize the ongoing challenges faced by online platforms in balancing freedom of expression, community standards, and the need to combat hate speech and harmful content.

The deep interest a young woman like Marina Seren shows in Nazi ideology is not only a tragic waste of her talents but also heartless towards those who are sensitive to its implications. One cannot help but question the state of her mental well-being when she fabricates a Nazi VRIL persona and monetizes it at the expense of millions of victims and heroes who perished during the Second World War. Furthermore, her website’s sale of paranormal and spiritual services, which are fraudulent, adds another layer of guilt as it constitutes fraud, a punishable offense under Spanish law.

Screenshot of Marina Seren's Tweet with gun in a car
A screenshot of Marina Seren’s public Tweet showing her licking a gun inside a car. Spain strictly regulates firearm ownership, with the state having exclusive control over their production, sale, possession, and use as per Article 149.26 of the Spanish constitution. Firearms are generally seen as sporting equipment, with hunting being a popular activity. To own a gun, an individual must meet several criteria, including being at least 18, passing theoretical and practical exams, and undergoing a psychological assessment. There are different licenses for various types of firearms and their uses, each with specific requirements. Given these stringent regulations, it is highly unlikely that Marina Seren possesses a valid gun license, unless she has gone through this comprehensive and rigorous process.

The repercussions faced by Marina Seren highlight the power and influence that social media platforms hold in shaping online discourse. With the ability to amplify voices and connect individuals globally, these platforms must actively combat hate speech and harmful content. The actions taken against Marina Seren send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated and that platforms have a duty to safeguard their users.

The case of Marina Seren serves as a significant reminder that freedom of expression comes with the responsibility to use it ethically and responsibly. It highlights the need for platforms to establish and enforce guidelines that prevent the spread of hate speech, discrimination, and harmful content. By doing so, we can foster an online environment that promotes dialogue, understanding, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Elon Musk on Freedom of Speech and Reach
Elon Musk highlights the importance of understanding the distinction between freedom of speech and freedom of reach in his tweet.

If Twitter, under the leadership of free speech advocate Elon Musk, deems Marina Seren unwelcome, it would undoubtedly raise concerns within the ranks of OnlyFans. Platforms are expected to demonstrate a consistent stance against hate speech and discrimination, irrespective of the context.

OnlyFans’ Acceptable Use Policy strictly prohibits the promotion or reference to hate speech on its platform. The policy explicitly states that users must not upload, post, display, or publish content that contains hate speech. According to the policy, hate speech refers to content intended to vilify, humiliate, dehumanize, exclude, attack, threaten, or incite hatred, fear of, or violence against a group or individual based on various protected characteristics. It is essential for OnlyFans to actively enforce this policy to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for its users.

However, there is a concerning contradiction within OnlyFans’ actions. Despite their stated policy against hate speech, they have not taken action against Marina Seren’s OnlyFans page, allowing her to monetize hate speech via their platform. This passive behavior contradicts their own policy, as it enables the dissemination of harmful content and goes against the principles they claim to uphold. By allowing Marina Seren’s page to remain active, OnlyFans is inadvertently supporting and profiting from hate speech, undermining the integrity of their Acceptable Use Policy. It is imperative for OnlyFans to address this inconsistency and take appropriate action to uphold their stated commitment to combating hate speech and promoting a safe online community.

Screenshot of Marina Seren's Facebook post making controversial remarks about YouTube
A screenshot of Marina Seren’s Facebook post linking YouTube to Jews.

In light of OnlyFans’ apparent contradiction in not taking action against Marina Seren’s hate speech on their platform, Lions Ground, is committed to addressing this issue. Recognizing the importance of combatting hate speech and upholding ethical standards, Lions Ground intends to bring this matter to the attention of the European Union. By forwarding the information to the European Union, Lions Ground aims to initiate a dialogue and advocate for stronger measures to prevent the monetization of hate speech via platforms such as OnlyFans.

Lions Ground has reached out to OnlyFans seeking a response regarding the allowance of funding Seren’s online hate speech activities via their platform. OnlyFans has not provided a response at this time. Lions Ground will update this news coverage as soon as a response from OnlyFans is received.

Onlyfans Bans Marina Seren: Update

marina seren onlyfans

June 30 – An update regarding Marina Seren and OnlyFans has just come in. OnlyFans has responded to the media inquiry and taken action by terminating Marina Seren’s account on their platform. Sue Beeby from the OnlyFans Media Department confirmed this development, stating, “Many thanks for your inquiry. The account you mentioned has been deactivated.”

This response from OnlyFans comes after Lions Ground reached out to them regarding the allowance of funding Seren’s online hate speech activities via their platform. In our previous coverage, it was mentioned that OnlyFans had not provided a response at that time. However, with this latest update, it is evident that OnlyFans has taken action to address the issue.

Symbolic Interpretations

Lions Ground’s Response

@IIIIIII23260 expresses his perspective and defends Marina Seren against the criticism. He emphasizes the need to understand the esoteric meanings and representations of the Nazi symbols used in the video. The YouTube user suggests that these symbols hold ancient significance and are not necessarily negative or associated with hate, but rather spiritual truths not meant for the masses. He argues that the symbols are misunderstood by those who lack knowledge and context.

@IIIIIII23260 said: “How about instead of just pointing out all the nazi symbology, why not tell the viewers what those symbols mean and represent from an esoteric view? The nazi symbol is ancient, they picked that symbol for a reason. The black sun, or Sonnenrad is also another symbol that pre-dates the nazi party and is rooted in esoterica. Her Vril jewelry represents not just a secret society, but Vril itself which is a form of energy. Occult comes from the Latin word, “to hide or to keep hidden”. It doesn’t mean negative, it doesn’t mean satan, it means spiritual truths not meant for the masses. The symbols are for those who know, history is written by the victors. To the ignorant, those are symbols of hate.”

When Lions Ground invited this person to debate live he said: “lmao how about you just do some better research and don’t just share a biased trolly video that is spewing hate and ruining reputations, let’s be real. You don’t even see the hypocrisy in your own shit because you are just making straw-man arguments that favor an easy bad-guy image. I don’t do “live” but I can send you some resources that will help you with the fact that you called the Sonnenrad a nazi symbol, which be that as it may (adopted by nazi party), it is a sun dial the represents the 12 constellations of the zodiac, not 12 nazi officers.”

Exploring the Context of Symbol Usage

Lions Ground delves into the context of symbol usage, aiming to differentiate between ancient symbol meanings and the adopted Nazi symbolism. Lions Ground highlights that while the swastika has ancient origins and symbolizes good fortune or well-being in some cultures, Hitler intentionally perverted the symbol, flipping it and mixing it with elements of ancient Rome to represent his abhorrent ideology. Lions Ground emphasizes that Marina Seren’s actions are not linked to the ancient symbols themselves but to a different context altogether.

Lions Ground said: “@IIIIIII23260, let’s address some important facts here. Marina Seren’s actions, such as chanting ‘Heil Hitler’, ‘saying she hopes for the 4th Reich’, doing interviews with Neo-nazi Brian Ruhe while complimenting her for wearing the SS earrings, and shouting anti-jews and anti-American slurs or pissing with words on the American flag on an American podcast, are not mere coincidences or misunderstood gestures. They are deliberate choices that evoke the dark history and hatred associated with the Nazi regime. Here’s the difference between you and me, the origin of the symbols are not important, you fail to see the context who are using the symbols.

Example: The swastika has been used in the Indian subcontinent since 500 BCE and it respresents good fortune or well-being. But Hitler, who is not that original, stole this symbol, flipped it, and mixed it with bits and pieces of ancient Rome (that’s why the color red and the salut), and in this context the person associated with the symbol is bad, not because of the symbol or the history of that symbol but the context. I mean, gassing children and innocent people is not a good thing. Most likely for you for defending the NAZI girl.

The context: Marina Seren’s actions, such as chanting ‘Heil Hitler’, ‘saying she hopes for the 4th Reich’, doing interviews with Neo-nazi Brian Ruhe while complimenting her for wearing the SS earrings, and anti-jews and anti-American slurs. Well, that is not linked with ancient symbols, that is linked with? You know the answer.

While it’s true that certain symbols may have pre-existing meanings, you fail to recognize that the Nazis purposefully adopted and perverted these symbols to represent their abhorrent ideology and this context is being used by Marina Seren. By engaging in such behavior, Marina Seren knowingly promotes and perpetuates an image that aligns with intolerance, bigotry, and the atrocities committed by the Nazis. I only reported on her activities, and you proudly defend her.

Attempting to downplay the significance of these symbols by referring to esoteric meanings or historical origins is a disingenuous tactic that ignores the undeniable association with hate and oppression. You are irresponsible to trivialize the impact and the suffering caused by the Nazis and their symbols. In which you did with the Sonnenrad symbol. The Sonnenrad can be found in the floor of the north tower of Wewelsburg Castle, which was renovated by Heinrich Himmler, a prominent SS leader (Marina Seren told Brian Ruhe indirectly he is a hero).

This castle served as a gathering place for the highest-ranking members of the SS, with Himmler considering it the axis mundi or center of the world for their ideology. In the castle’s Obergruppenfuhrersaal, also known as the Generals’ Hall, the Black Sun symbol is prominently displayed along with twelve columns and twelve niches.”

Reporting and Responsibility

Lions Ground asserts that they have reported on Marina Seren’s activities and the importance of awareness surrounding them. They argue that attempting to downplay the significance of Nazi symbols by referring to esoteric meanings or historical origins is a disingenuous tactic that ignores the undeniable association with hate and oppression. Lions Ground emphasizes the responsibility to acknowledge and not trivialize the impact and suffering caused by the Nazis and their symbols.

A Thought-Provoking Dialogue on Historical Context and Associations.

Understanding Symbolic Associations

Lions Ground highlights the significance of symbolic associations and addresses attempts to downplay the importance of Nazi symbols. Lions Ground emphasize the intentional adoption and perversion of these symbols by the Nazis, which resulted in strong associations with hate and oppression. Lions Ground points out that Marina Seren’s actions are not directly linked to the ancient symbols themselves, but rather to a different context. They caution against trivializing the impact and suffering caused by Nazi symbols and emphasize the need to recognize their historical context.

Additionally, Lions Ground sheds light on the significance of the Sonnenrad symbol and its association with Wewelsburg Castle. This symbol can be found in the castle’s Obergruppenfuhrersaal, or the Generals’ Hall, along with twelve columns and twelve niches. Lions Ground notes that Wewelsburg Castle served as a gathering place for high-ranking SS members and was considered the axis mundi or center of the world for their ideology.


The latest video on Marina Seren.

The discussion between Lions Ground and @IIIIIII23260 sheds light on the importance of considering the context when examining symbols. Lions Ground’s argument emphasizes that the historical origins of symbols hold less significance compared to the context in which they are used. The focus should be on understanding how these symbols have been intentionally adopted and perverted by the Nazis to promote their abhorrent ideology.

By prioritizing the contextual analysis of symbols, it becomes evident that Marina Seren’s actions should not be defended solely based on historical symbol meanings. Instead, her deliberate use of these symbols evokes the dark history and hatred associated with the Nazi regime. It is crucial to recognize and address the negative implications and consequences of such associations, rather than downplaying or trivializing their impact.

In conclusion, the dialogue underscores the need for responsible reporting and awareness, emphasizing the significance of understanding the contextual use of symbols rather than solely relying on historical origins. The use of the swastika by India, which symbolizes something positive, should not be equated with Marina Seren’s actions of chanting ‘Heil Hitler’, expressing hope for the 4th Reich, engaging in interviews with Neo-Nazi Brian Ruhe while praising SS earrings, and making anti-Semitic and anti-American slurs.


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