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Las Vegas Courtroom Shock: Judge Attacked During Sentencing



Judge Mary Kay Holthus attacked in Las Vegas courtroom

In a startling breach of courtroom decorum, a Las Vegas District Court witnessed an unprecedented incident that has since reverberated through the legal community. Delone Redden, a defendant with a history of criminal conduct, launched a violent attack on Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing. This , captured in courtroom footage, has raised grave concerns about the safety and within judicial environments.

Judge Holthus, a respected figure in the Clark County legal system, was in the process of denying probation to Redden when the attack occurred. According to eyewitness accounts, the scene quickly escalated as Redden, driven by a surge of aggression, hurdled over the bench towards the judge.

The Clark County District Court, a cornerstone of justice in Las Vegas, became the unlikely stage for a shocking display of violence. Delone Redden, the assailant, was no stranger to the criminal justice system. His rap sheet, detailed in public records, included charges ranging from to , painting a picture of a troubled individual with a propensity for violence.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus, the target of Redden's outburst, has long been a fixture in the Las Vegas legal scene. Known for her fair but firm approach, her decisions have often reflected a deep commitment to the principles of justice, as noted in several judicial reviews. On that fateful day, her courtroom, usually a place of order and decorum, was transformed into a scene of chaos and danger.

The incident unfolded during what was expected to be a routine sentencing hearing. Redden, having previously pleaded guilty to aggravated battery with substantial bodily harm, was awaiting the final judgment. However, the situation took a drastic turn when Judge Holthus announced her decision to deny probation, a decision based on Redden's extensive criminal history and the severity of his .


The tension in the courtroom was palpable as Judge Mary Kay Holthus prepared to deliver her sentence to Delone Redden. What transpired next was a scene of unforeseen violence that shook the foundations of courtroom safety. As Judge Holthus firmly stated her decision to deny probation, citing Redden's criminal history, Redden's demeanor shifted dramatically. In a sudden burst of fury, he lunged at the judge, an act of aggression that left everyone present in a state of shock.

Eyewitnesses describe the moment as swift and terrifying. Redden, in a blatant disregard for courtroom protocol and safety, hurdled over the bench with alarming agility. The footage of the incident, which quickly went viral, shows the intensity of the attack. Redden can be seen throwing himself at Judge Holthus, who was caught completely off-guard by the assault.

In the ensuing chaos, courtroom security and law enforcement officers sprang into action. Their quick response was crucial in preventing further harm to Judge Holthus and others present. Despite their efforts, the judge did not escape unscathed. The physical altercation resulted in injuries to both Judge Holthus and a marshal who intervened to subdue Redden.


This incident has not only highlighted the risks faced by judicial officers but also raised questions about the adequacy of existing security measures in courtrooms. The Clark County District Court, in a statement, expressed its commitment to reviewing and enhancing security protocols to ensure the safety of all.

In the wake of the unsettling courtroom attack, the latest developments reveal a continued focus on the and recovery of those affected, as well as the legal repercussions for Delone Redden. Judge Mary Kay Holthus, having sustained injuries during the assault, is currently under medical observation. Her resilience in the face of such a traumatic experience has been commended by colleagues and the wider legal community. The marshal, who played a critical role in subduing Redden, is also recovering, with reports indicating a positive prognosis.

The legal proceedings against Delone Redden have taken a significant turn following the attack. Redden, already facing sentencing for aggravated battery, now confronts additional charges related to the assault on Judge Holthus.


Furthermore, this incident has sparked a broader discussion on courtroom security and the safety of judicial officers. Legal analysts and security experts are calling for a thorough review and enhancement of security measures in courtrooms across the country.

As the story continues to unfold, the legal community and the public remain vigilant and attentive to any new developments. The attack on Judge Holthus is not just an isolated incident but a reminder of the vulnerabilities within our judicial system and the ongoing need for robust security measures.

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