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The Tinder Swindler’s New Business Venture: A Redemption Arc or Another Scam?



Side-by-side comparison of Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev in a luxury car and Simon Leviev in handcuffs

Simon Leviev, infamously known as the “Tinder Swindler,” is back in the headlines, but this time it's not for swindling unsuspecting women on dating . Leviev has launched a new business venture, and it's causing quite a stir. Is this a genuine attempt at redemption, or is Leviev up to his old tricks?

The Rise and of Simon Leviev

Simon Leviev gained notoriety for his elaborate schemes on Tinder, where he posed as a wealthy businessman to defraud women of their money. His actions led to legal repercussions and a damaged reputation. But it seems Leviev is attempting to turn a new leaf—or is he?

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The New Venture

The Tinder Swindler: Screenshot of Simon Leviev's Cameo profile offering personalized video messages
Screenshot of Simon Leviev's Cameo profile offering personalized messages – Courtesy of Cameo © 2023

Leviev's new business venture involves custom video messages, a service that has garnered both support and skepticism. While some see this as a legitimate business, others are not so convinced. Experts have mixed opinions about Leviev's new venture. Some believe it could be a legitimate business, while others warn the public to proceed with caution, citing Leviev's criminal history.

What the Public Thinks

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”umc0s8hwqk” question=”What do you think?” opened=”0″] is abuzz with opinions on Leviev's new business. While some are willing to give him a second chance, others remain skeptical, questioning the ethics of supporting a business run by someone with a criminal past.[/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Victims Speak Out

Several of Leviev's previous victims have come forward to share their thoughts on his new business. Their reactions range from cautious optimism to outright disdain. Pernilla Sjoholm, one of Leviev's accusers, expressed her heartbreak in an . “To be honest, I was heartbroken to see any company collaborate with a criminal,” she said.

Legal Implications

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Simon Leviev is still a wanted man in Europe and faces allegations in the United States. His new business venture could potentially impact his legal standing.

Wanted in Europe

Leviev is currently hiding in Israel, as he is still wanted in Europe for his previous scams. His new business could complicate matters further, especially considering his extradition status.

Allegations in the U.S.

Leviev also faces allegations in the United States, adding another layer of complexity to his already controversial new business. While details are scarce, it's clear that his new venture is not without its legal risks.

Ethical Concerns

Supporting Leviev's business raises ethical questions. Is it right to collaborate with someone who has a criminal history? This is a question that many are grappling with as they decide whether or not to engage with his new venture.

Company Collaborations

Several companies have already collaborated with Leviev, causing concern among those who are aware of his past. While the names of these companies have not been disclosed, their involvement has raised eyebrows and led to public scrutiny.


The Tinder Swindler Official Trailer on Netflix.

Simon Leviev's new business venture is a topic of hot debate. While some see it as a chance for redemption, others view it as another potential scam. As the public and experts weigh in, one thing is clear: Simon Leviev remains a polarizing figure.


What is Simon Leviev's new business about?

Simon Leviev's new business involves custom video messages. It has received both support and skepticism from the public and experts.

Is Simon Leviev still wanted by the law?

Yes, Simon Leviev is still a wanted man in Europe and faces allegations in the United States.

What do experts say about his new business?

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Experts have mixed opinions; some see potential for a legitimate business, while others advise caution due to Leviev's criminal history.

How do victims of the Tinder Swindler feel about this?

Reactions from victims range from cautious optimism to outright disdain, with some expressing heartbreak over his new venture.

Are companies collaborating with Simon Leviev?

Yes, several companies have collaborated with him, although their names have not been disclosed.

Is Simon Leviev's new business legal?

As of now, there are no legal actions against his new business, but it does raise ethical and legal questions.

What are the ethical implications of his business?

The business raises concerns about the morality of supporting someone with a criminal past.

Has Simon Leviev commented on the controversies?

Simon Leviev has not made any public statements addressing the controversies surrounding his new business.

Are there any celebrity endorsements for his business?

There are no known celebrity endorsements for Simon Leviev's new business at this time.

What should consumers be cautious about?

Consumers should exercise caution and conduct their own research before engaging with Simon Leviev's new business.

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