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Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Natalee Holloway’s Murder



Mugshot of Joran van der Sloot on the left and Natalee Holloway on the right

In a case that has hooked the world for nearly two decades, Joran van der Sloot has finally confessed to the of Natalee Holloway. This shocking revelation brings a semblance of closure to the Holloway family but raises several legal and ethical questions.

The Chilling Confession: Joran van der Sloot's Own Words

Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005, has confessed to her murder. The confession came as part of a plea deal in an Alabama federal court. Van der Sloot admitted to killing Holloway on a beach in Aruba and disposing of her body in the ocean. This confession has provided some answers to the Holloway family, who have been searching for the truth for 18 years.

In a recently filed transcript dated October 3, 2023, Joran van der Sloot (JVDS) was interviewed by his attorney, Kevin Butler. The transcript captures a portion of the conversation from timestamp 21:43 to 25:48. The details are harrowing, to say the least.

Van der Sloot recounts the night he spent with Natalee Holloway, describing how they were dropped off near a hotel known as The Fisherman's Huts. They walked on the beach, where they sat down and began kissing. When Holloway resisted his advances, van der Sloot's actions took a dark turn.

“She tells me she doesn't want me to feel her up. I keep feeling her up either way. Uhm, and uh she knees me uh, she ends up kneeing me so I kick her extremely hard in the face,” he said.

The violence escalated horrifically from there:

“I see, uh, right next to her there's a — there's a huge uh cinderblock laying on the beach. I take this and uh, yeah, I-1 smash her head in with it completely. Uh, yeah, her face basically, you know, uh collapses in,” van der Sloot confessed.

Faced with the unconscious, possibly dead Holloway, van der Sloot described his next steps:

“I don't know what to do. Uh, and I uh, I decide to ~ to take her and uh – uh to put her into the ocean. So I grab her and I ~ I half uh, half pull and half walk with her into the ocean. Uhm, I uh, I push her off. Uh, I walk up uh, up to about my knees into the ocean and I push her off into ~ into the ~ into the — into the sea,” he revealed.

The transcript ends with van der Sloot stating that after disposing of Holloway's body, he walked home.

The Latest Update

According to a recent update from CNN, van der Sloot pleaded guilty in federal court to extorting and defrauding the Holloway family. He had tried to sell information about Natalee Holloway's remains for $250,000. As part of the plea deal, he will serve a 20-year sentence concurrently with his existing 28-year sentence in Peru for another murder.

Peter R. de Vries and The Case

Dutch reporter Peter R. de Vries played a significant role in keeping the case in the public eye. He conducted several interviews with van der Sloot and even obtained hidden camera confessions, although these were not legally admissible. De Vries' relentless pursuit for justice kept the case alive in , adding pressure for a resolution.

The confession of Joran van der Sloot has brought a grim resolution to a case that has haunted the Holloway family and intrigued the world. While the legal intricacies continue to unfold, the Holloway family can finally begin the long process of healing or not? It is not the first time Joran played mind games.

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