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Washington Man Freed After Attempted Kidnap of Barista, Sparking Outrage



Public Outcry and Legal Scrutiny: The Release of Matthew Darnell After Attempted Kidnapping of Barista"

In a case that has ignited public concern, Matthew Darnell, a 39-year-old Washington State resident, was released from custody after serving a mere 50-day sentence for attempting to kidnap a barista at Beankini Espresso in Auburn, Washington. The incident, which occurred on January 16, was captured on surveillance and showed Darnell trying to pull the worker through the drive-thru window. His release on Saturday comes as a result of a plea deal, leaving victims' rights advocates and community members questioning the adequacy and fairness of the legal system in handling such serious offenses.

On January 16, Matthew Darnell pulled up to the drive-thru window at Beankini Espresso in Auburn, Washington, around 5 a.m. Surveillance footage shows Darnell asking the bikini-clad barista for change for $5 before attempting to pull her into his pickup truck. The barista managed to pull away and slam the window shut, leading to Darnell's the following day. A distinctive “Chevrolet” tattoo on his arm helped authorities identify him. He was charged with and attempted .

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Public reactions to the case have been overwhelmingly negative. One Reddit user commented, “50 days? That's some bullshit!” echoing the sentiments of many who find the sentence too lenient. Another user questioned the logic behind the sentencing, stating, “Ok so 50 days plus time served (220). Still less than a year for attempting to kidnap a woman at the drive-thru.”

Mary Ellen Stone, CEO of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, expressed her concerns in an interview. “It raises the question of why should people bother to [assaults]. The message it sends to victims is what happens to you wasn't important,” she said.

A spokesperson for the King County Prosecutor's explained that prosecutors are limited by state guidelines set by lawmakers. “Either way, whether it's attempted kidnapping or felony harassment, state law outlines that as a Class C felony,” the spokesperson said.

The owner of Beankini Espresso told Insider that the shop takes extra precautions to prepare workers for any eventuality, including abduction attempts. “We have Mace, Tasers, silent panic buttons, we have metal doors,” she said.

The case of Matthew Darnell has not only ignited public outrage but also initiated a critical dialogue about the limitations of the legal system, particularly in cases involving assault and kidnapping. As the community and victims' rights advocates continue to question the adequacy of sentencing guidelines, the King County Prosecutor's Office emphasizes the constraints imposed by state law.

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