Hollywood ‘Male Karen’ Spits on Homeless Man: A Disturbing Act Caught on Video

In a deeply unsettling incident that has sparked public outrage, an unidentified man, now being referred to as a ‘Male Karen,’ was caught on camera spitting on a homeless man in Hollywood, California. The event took place on an undisclosed date but gained widespread attention after being posted on Reddit’s PublicFreakout forum. The video not only raises serious questions about the treatment of vulnerable populations but also challenges societal norms surrounding human decency. The man’s actions have been widely condemned, prompting calls for identification and legal action.

The video, posted by Reddit user “sakamoto__” on the “PublicFreakout” subreddit, has sparked a heated debate among viewers. The footage shows a man, referred to as a “male Karen” by the original poster, confronting an unsheltered individual at 6162 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, California. The situation escalates when the man spits on the unsheltered individual’s face and throws a cigarette at him. The unsheltered man, maintaining his composure, picks up the cigarette, says “thank you,” and walks away.

The video has been met with a range of reactions, with many condemning the actions of the man who spat and threw the cigarette. Reddit user WaffleStomp936 commented, “you either gotta be brave or stupid to pick a fight with someone who has nothing to lose,” garnering over 1,300 upvotes. Another user, Googenheim2032, added, “he’s stupid AND he’s a cunt,” reflecting the general sentiment of disapproval.

However, the conversation also delved into the complexities of interactions with unsheltered individuals. User Cariboob noted, “If someone has bigger problems than getting hit by a car today, they aren’t going to care what you have to say,” highlighting the precarious situations many unsheltered people find themselves in.

The video reveals that the unsheltered man was primarily interested in a used cigarette. The original poster speculated that instead of treating the man with dignity, the “male Karen” chose to demean him further. The unsheltered man’s decision to walk away peacefully after the incident was praised by many, including the original poster, who emphasized the importance of maintaining one’s dignity in such situations.

The incident has also raised questions about the role of bystanders in such confrontations. In the video, another individual can be heard intervening, calling this man by “Johnny”, urging the aggressor to stop his actions. This has led to discussions about the importance of stepping in to prevent potential harm, with some users commending the bystander’s efforts.

The man’s actions could potentially be in violation of California laws, specifically assault, battery, and disturbing the peace. According to California Penal Code §242 PC, battery is the “willful and unlawful use of force or violence” on another person, and it is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. Disturbing the peace, as defined under Penal Code §415 PC, can include playing loud music, fighting in public, or using offensive language, and it carries penalties of up to 90 days in jail, a fine of up to $400, or both.

The video posted on Reddit has not only ignited a debate about the actions of the man who confronted the unsheltered individual but also raised important questions about societal attitudes towards vulnerable populations. The incident has led to a broader discussion on the complexities of interacting with unsheltered individuals and the role of bystanders in such situations.


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