Marina Seren Resorts to Fake Accounts to Maintain Presence on Twitter, Revealing a Deceptive Side

On June 19, 2023, Twitter made the decision to ban Marina Seren from its platform, but she has now resorted to utilizing fake profiles to maintain her online presence. The discovery of the fake accounts came to light through the mention by a Dutch Twitter user.

Marina Seren has repeatedly violated Twitter’s policy, specifically the hateful conduct rule, resulting in multiple infractions. Despite Twitter’s decision to ban her from the platform, Marina Seren has resorted to utilizing fake accounts, once again breaching Twitter’s Rules and Policies. According to Twitter’s guidelines, “This is our most severe enforcement action. Permanently suspending an account will remove it from view, and the violator will not be allowed to create new accounts.”

A Dutch Twitter user with the handle @DennyPeters0514 responded to our tweet, revealing that Marina Seren remains active on another account. The user remarked, “She is now operating from this Twitter account.” This Twitter user from the Netherlands has been criticizing Marina Seren since September 2022. In one instance, Marina Seren reportedly reported a YouTuber to the Spanish national police for defamation. In a humorous response, Denny commented on Twitter, “The only thing the police would tell you is ‘you know you can block them madam.'”

The police threats made by Marina Seren is not her first time. She claims to have reported Lions Ground (us) to the police. However, upon verifying this claim with the police themselves several months after her claim, we learned that it was a false claim. Moreover, by publicly stating this on Twitter, she has exhibited behavior that aligns with the very accusation she made against us—defamation.

Email requesting information about Marina Seren's police report, revealing her deception
Email exchange reveals the request for information regarding Marina Seren’s police report, shedding light on her lack of cooperation. Marina asserts that she is not obligated to provide the requested information and indicates that it is typically recommended not to do so, as it may not necessarily facilitate the process. Months later, investigation reveals no reports against the author, exposing Marina Seren’s dishonesty.

Just a day after receiving the Twitter ban, Marina Seren logged into another Twitter account under the handle @MarinaSeren and made several changes to her profile details. She altered the account name from “Marina” to “Marina Seren Fan page” and removed her bio, which previously described her as an “International Speaker on #UFOs #UAPs. Hybrid. Psychic Medium 🦋. VRIL dame.” This information can be easily verified by copying and pasting the link to her Twitter account into the search field of the archival website

Seren’s manipulative and narcissistic disposition becomes apparent as she addresses her Twitter followers in the third person, stating that the account in question is a fan page dedicated to Marina Seren, but not affiliated with her official account. Marina Seren herself emphasizes, “ATTENTION! This account is not the Marina Seren official account. We are not her, and we are not impersonating her neither. We are a FAN PAGE. Thank you.”

A psychologist from Marbella reevaluated the text, certain phrases can be interpreted as potentially exhibiting traits associated with borderline personality issues and narcissism. The use of attention-seeking language, a sense of self-importance, boundary concerns, and an attempt to avoid accountability can be observed in the text and can be found in Seren’s overall behavior.

The use of capitalized “ATTENTION!” at the beginning of the text suggests a desire to capture attention, the sense of self-importance can be found in the statement “We are a FAN PAGE” and could imply an underlying need to emphasize Seren’s existence and importance. I see boundary issues too, the need to explicitly state that this is not Marina Seren, along with the emphasis on being a fan page, could potentially reflect difficulties in maintaining appropriate boundaries or identity confusion. By claiming not to be impersonating Marina Seren, she may be attempting to absolve herself of any responsibility or potential consequences of her actions and that is the lack of accountability.

says a psychologist.
The video explores the authenticity of Marina Seren, a self-proclaimed star seed, psychic medium, speaker, channeler, and ET contactee, investigating her claims and uncovering true facts about her controversial activities and current assertions.

Twitter’s decision to ban Marina Seren from its platform on June 19, 2023, due to repeated violations of its policy, was meant to enforce its stance against hateful conduct. However, Marina Seren has since resorted to utilizing fake accounts to maintain her online presence, in direct defiance of Twitter’s Rules and Policies. This development highlights the challenges faced by social media platforms in dealing with individuals who engage in deceptive practices to evade enforcement actions.

Another Twitter user, named Blake, pointed out that Marina Seren has another account, @vril_dame. The nature of this account raises concerns, as it includes phrases like “Aryan First,” “Pro-white,” and “Blood and Soil,” which align with ideologies associated with white supremacism and promote racial superiority. Such content reinforces the need for continued vigilance in identifying and reporting individuals who propagate hateful ideologies on social media platforms.

Allowing Nazi sympathizers, such as Marina Seren, to maintain a presence on social media platforms can have serious implications. It facilitates the dissemination of hate, contributes to the normalization of extremist views, promotes the radicalization of vulnerable individuals, and poses a threat to the safety of targeted individuals or communities. It is imperative for social media users to remain vigilant and report such individuals and their content to ensure the preservation of a safer and more inclusive online environment.

The discovery of Marina Seren’s use of fake accounts and the subsequent discussions around her actions emphasize the ongoing challenges faced by platforms like Twitter in enforcing their policies and maintaining a healthy digital ecosystem. It serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive moderation measures, user reporting mechanisms, and continuous efforts to address deceptive practices that undermine the integrity of these platforms. By collectively condemning hate speech and extremist ideologies, users can play a crucial role in fostering a more inclusive and tolerant online space.


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