Exclusive: Lions Ground Presents Unseen Footage of Joseline Hernandez’s Arrest

As the world witnessed the arrest of reality star Joseline Hernandez, one aspect that stood out was the controlled and professional response of the Sunrise Police. Despite the chaotic backstage scene, we want to bring awareness to the police for their effective handling of the situation. Lions Ground’s exclusive footage offers a comprehensive view of the arrest, showcasing the police’s commitment to maintaining order and ensuring public safety.

The recent arrest of reality star Joseline Hernandez at the FLA Live Arena not only brought attention to the altercation itself but also shed light on the treatment of law enforcement officers. The Sunrise Police, in this instance, faced a barrage of verbal abuse, humiliation, provocation, and a clear test of their patience. The incident serves as a reminder for the public to offer respect and recognition to those who wear the uniform, especially when they are confronted with challenging situations that require them to maintain order and ensure public safety.

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In the aftermath of the arrest, voices from various media outlets have joined the conversation. Dilemaradio, the world’s leading unbiased hip hop news and uncensored radio station, wrote: “In the world of reality TV and major partnerships, it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine conflicts and manufactured drama. The recent altercation between Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex has sparked curiosity, especially given Zeus Network’s association with Floyd Mayweather. It leaves us wondering why such confrontations occur and why no one intervened to prevent Joseline from causing chaos backstage.” This statement highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the authenticity of conflicts portrayed on reality TV and the potential role played by networks like Zeus in orchestrating such incidents for the sake of entertainment.

While it is essential to acknowledge the role of entertainment networks in creating captivating content, it is worth considering the impact on law enforcement resources. The incident raises questions about the fine line between providing entertainment value and wasting valuable time and resources of the police purely for the sake of viewership. The Sunrise Police, despite the challenging circumstances they faced during the arrest, maintained their professionalism and effectively managed the situation. However, it is crucial to recognize the strain on their resources when dealing with incidents that may have been intentionally orchestrated for entertainment purposes.

Hernandez’s store: We’re not sure who wants to wear that?

In an unexpected turn of events, it has come to light that Joseline Hernandez is shamelessly capitalizing on her mugshot by incorporating it into her merchandise. As we conclude our coverage of the arrest involving Joseline Hernandez, it is our hope that this incident sparks a larger conversation about the ethics and responsibilities within the reality TV industry. The events surrounding this case shed light on the potential consequences of sensationalism, highlighting the need for a more nuanced approach to entertainment that prioritizes authenticity, respect, and social impact.

Lions Ground would like to extend a sincere appreciation to the City of Sunrise Police Department for their service. The videos has shed light on the challenging situations they encounter and the professionalism they exhibit in maintaining public order and safety.


27 unbranded and raw video files of Joseline Hernandez’s arrest are available on our Patreon page or reach out to Lions Ground directly at info@lionsground.com.


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