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UFOs in Historical Paintings in the Joe Rogan Experience Show With Jeremy Corbell – Explained

Painters have paint UFOs in paintings and this is the sign of an extraterrestrial visitation according to Jeremy Corbell during the Joe Rogan Experience Show. UFO in The Baptism of Christ painting - Explained CHAPTERS šŸš©00:00 | Introduction00:27 | Intro00:38 |...

UFO Lights Over Perranporth Beach, Cornwall – Fact Check

In the Lions Ground video of June 17, 2020, the facts are checked about a true event in Perranporth, Cornwall, England. This took place between 9:30 pm - 10 pm GMT+1 two days ago. These mysterious orbs are flares. Watch...

Icini Studios: “2PAC Escaped in This Jet”

YouTuber Michael Nice from the YouTube channel Icini Studios shares a video explaining that this is the jet the rapper fled from. Is this the escape jet of 2PAC? False, 2PAC's escape jet video uploaded by Icini Studios is...

Giant Cloaked Triangle UFO Over New Jersey?

"Remarkable footage reveals a cloaked triangle UFO over New Jersey," describes the English tabloid Daily Express in the headline. Is this a UFO? False, the giant cloaked triangular UFO over Winslow Township, New Jersey is not an unidentified flying...

Secureteam10 Case – Facts vs. Fables

Defamation and slander are used to discredit the facts delivered by Lions Ground. The bodies responsible for this propaganda involves a handful of YouTube channels that mislead people with disinformation. All claims are addressed in the video above "Secureteam10...

Why Did Lions Ground Leave YouTube?

Lions Ground, the channel with nearly 80,000 subscribers, left YouTube in early June 2019. Conspiracy theorists theorize that Lions Ground received hush money. Did Lions Ground received hush money and leave YouTube? False, Lions Ground left YouTube in early...

Is Paid 4 Clout or Cash Crates a Scam?

You want to make money online and you stumble upon Paid 4 Clout of Cash Crates but you are wondering. Is Paid 4 Clout a scam? True, Paid 4 Clout of Cash Crates is a scam. The fraudulent website...

Australia fire: The hugging Kangaroo

In the old video format of Lions Ground of January 12, 2020 we pay attention to a cute video that has gone viral. The original video appeared during the Australia fire. Is the kangaroo hugging the woman because she...
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Difficulty Level About the UFO CIA Case

A new case every day and every case has its obstacles. Some of the claims are quite easy to debunk...
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