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Judge Modifies Release Conditions for Alexee Trevizo: New Developments in Newborn Murder Case



A courtroom gavel representing the legal developments in the newborn murder case involving Alexee Trevizo.

The ongoing legal battle involving Alexee Trevizo, who stands accused of newborn murder, took a new turn as the modified her release conditions. The decision, allowing Trevizo to attend university without restrictions regarding her boyfriend, was made in a court hearing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The ruling reflects the complexity of a case that has captured national attention since the tragic incident occurred.

Alexee Trevizo, the New Mexico teen accused of murdering her newborn baby in a hospital restroom, is back in court, seeking changes to the conditions of her release. Trevizo maintains her innocence in the tragic incident that occurred last January when she went to the hospital complaining of back pain. Her attorney stated that she had been at cheerleading practice beforehand and was unaware of her pregnancy.

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The case has drawn national attention, particularly due to the captured by body cameras, showing Trevizo's reaction to the discovery of the birth. Trevizo's lawyer is now fighting to suppress this video, arguing that some of what Trevizo said in the hospital is privileged since she was under the care of a doctor. He also suggests that she had not been read her Miranda rights when police were present during some of the exchange.

The state, however, disagrees with this argument. The prosecutor contends that Trevizo's mother was with her, so there's no privilege. The judge has asked for more information from both the defense and the prosecution before making a decision on the motion to suppress those statements.

Another significant aspect of the hearing was Trevizo's request to modify the conditions of her bail. Since her , she has only been allowed to talk to her boyfriend, the father of the baby, by phone and . Another judge had cited a domestic violence statute in barring face-to-face meetings. Trevizo's lawyer argued that this is not a domestic violence situation and that the statute shouldn't apply.

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The prosecution did not object to a change in the conditions of her release but did not exactly endorse lifting the restriction altogether. They argued that the court could fashion conditions of release that allow her to attend university without fearing running into her boyfriend. In the end, the judge ruled in favor of Trevizo, modifying the conditions of release and allowing her to attend New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

The hearing also included discussions about a potential trial date for Alexee Trevizo. The judge mentioned that a large number of prospective jurors would be brought in for questioning by attorneys for the prosecution and the defense. Jurors will also receive a questionnaire to fill out before voir dire. Trevizo's trial is currently set for August of next year, but that could change. It's believed the trial could last as long as six weeks, with two of those weeks taken up by jury selection.

Alexee Trevizo standing at the door.

This complex legal battle continues to unfold, with each hearing revealing new facets of a case that has captured the attention of legal experts and the public alike. The questions surrounding legal rights, evidence, and the conditions of release for the accused add layers of complexity to a story that began with a tragic incident in a hospital restroom. The decisions made in the courtroom will have lasting implications, not only for Trevizo but also for the legal system's approach to such sensitive and high-profile cases.

The ongoing legal proceedings involving Alexee Trevizo continue to draw attention and scrutiny as new developments emerge. The recent modification of Trevizo's release conditions, the debate over the suppression of video evidence, and the anticipation of a lengthy trial reflect the multifaceted nature of this case. As the legal battle unfolds, the decisions made in the courtroom will resonate beyond this individual case, potentially influencing legal practices and public opinion on sensitive matters. With a trial set for next year, the eyes of the nation will remain fixed on this complex and evolving story, awaiting the final judgment that will bring closure to a tragic incident that has touched many lives.

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