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Man and Woman Found Dead in Newry Property; Police Investigation Continues



A police cordon around a property on Greenan Road in Newry, with officers and forensic teams present.

A cloud of mystery hangs over Newry following the discovery of two bodies at a Greenan Road property. The PSNI, while confirming the deaths of a man and a woman, believe the incident might have taken place some time back. The ongoing investigation aims to shed light on this tragic event, with no suspicions of foul play at the moment.

The Greenan Road property in Newry has become the focal point of a significant . The Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has been actively working to uncover the details surrounding the deaths of a man and a woman. The discovery has sent shockwaves throughout the community, with many residents expressing their grief and concern over the incident.

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While the exact timeline remains a point of speculation, the PSNI's official statement suggests that the deaths might have transpired some time ago. The statement from Police Newry, Mourne and Down on reads: “Detectives are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths of a man and a woman at a property in the Greenan Road area of Newry. It is believed the deaths may have occurred some time ago. A post mortem has taken place and the deaths are not being treated as suspicious at this time, however enquiries are ongoing.”

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The property, located between Burren and Newry, has been under scrutiny since the bodies were reported to the police.

The news has deeply affected the local community. Cormac Campbell, a BBC News NI correspondent, reported that throughout the day, police and forensic teams were present at the on the rural Greenan Road. The road, which runs between Newry and Burren, remained open, but many slowed down as they passed, visibly shocked by the news. The forensic teams have since left, but a police cordon remains in place around the property.

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SDLP councillor Declan McAteer expressed the community's sentiments, stating that he understood “an elderly couple had been discovered in their own dwelling.” He further mentioned, “I have spoken to some members of the local community who I must say are saddened and totally shocked and bewildered about the situation.” The gravity of the situation is evident, with many in the community distraught about the incident occurring so close to home.

A post-mortem examination has been conducted, which is a crucial step in such investigations. While the results of this examination have not been publicly disclosed, the PSNI has confirmed that the deaths are not being treated as suspicious at this time. This information provides some solace to the community, alleviating fears of potential foul play. However, the investigation is far from over, with detectives continuing their efforts to piece together the events leading to this tragedy.

As the investigation continues, the Newry community awaits further details and clarity on the matter. The PSNI has urged the public to avoid speculating and to trust the ongoing investigative process. The hope is that the forthcoming details will provide closure to the affected families and the broader community.

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