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Alabama School System Disciplines Students for Racist Snapchat Messages: The Latest Update



Oneonta City Schools building with racist Snapchat messages

In a recent incident that has garnered widespread attention, the Oneonta City Schools district in Alabama has disciplined students for sharing racist and foul messages on Snapchat. The system has taken immediate action, sparking a range of reactions from the community and online platforms.

Oneonta School Snapchat Incident 001
Sharing racist and foul messages on Snapchat, inspired by Jim Crow-era racial violence.

Students in the Oneonta City Schools district used Snapchat to share messages that were both racist and foul in nature. The messages included explicit references to lynching, causing alarm and outrage among parents, students, and community members.

The school system acted swiftly by disciplining the students involved in the incident. While the exact details of the disciplinary actions have not been disclosed, the school system has confirmed that measures have been taken to address the issue.

This afternoon, three students reported a Snapchat message from the previous evening occurring off campus between several other students that were offensive and divisive. I'm proud of the students for reporting this to their administrators as it speaks highly of them and their rapport with their administrators. The administrators immediately researched the Snapchat messages to gather facts and a decision was made to take immediate disciplinary action against those involved. Our schools will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Oneonta City Schools/Facebook

The incident has led to a flurry of reactions both within the community and on platforms. Hashtags related to the incident have trended, and community leaders have called for further action to prevent such incidents in the future.

The school system has announced that an investigation into the incident is ongoing. The aim is to understand the extent of the issue and to implement further disciplinary actions or policy changes if needed.

As of the latest update, no new disciplinary actions or policy changes have been announced by the school system. However, the investigation remains active, and further updates are expected.

The incident raises questions about the extent to which schools can discipline students for off-campus speech. Legal experts suggest that the school system may be within its rights to take action, given the severity of the messages.

A user writes: “Students who make the type comments that were made on Snapchat are unfit to be around decent students. Some of us have raised our children to stand against and should not have to be concerned that Baby Adolf Hitlers are sitting next to our kids and grandkids in school every day. Expulsion is the proper response.”

This incident is not isolated. There have been similar cases where students were disciplined for off-campus speech, particularly on social media platforms. The outcomes of these cases vary, adding complexity to the legal implications of the current incident.

Parents in the Oneonta City Schools district have expressed concerns about the incident, questioning the effectiveness of the school system's disciplinary actions.

Various social media campaigns have emerged, advocating for stricter policies against hate speech and racism in schools. These campaigns have gained significant traction, indicating a strong public sentiment on the issue.

Oneonta School Snapchat Incident 002

The incident involving racist Snapchat messages in the Oneonta City Schools district has led to disciplinary actions and an ongoing investigation. The situation has sparked significant community and online reactions, raising questions about the legal implications of disciplining students for off-campus speech. As the investigation continues, the community awaits further updates and potential policy changes from the school system.

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