Sunday, March 7, 2021


“Luctor et emergo”


How can you best describe Lions Ground in three words? Innovation, leadership, and dignity.

What makes Lions Ground so unique? We are not like the mainstream media and we are certainly not left, right, but straightforward.

All stories are chosen manually. The virality is not important, but the heart of the story matters to us. This makes our work so much fun, no one chooses for us, we choose stories ourselves.


Honor and leadership

Our honor will grow when enlightening the world with factual information each day … This is done by means of perseverance and leadership.

The symbol of Lions Ground, the male lion, symbolizes Lions Ground’s mentality namely courage, justice, power, strength, wisdom, pride, dignity, domination, and authority.


Professional Attitude

The level of Lions Ground’s craftsmanship is at a professional level … All investigations are unbiased and performed independently.

The lion was born on October 16, 2007 when the first building block was laid on YouTube. Like Anonymous, Lions Ground is an ideology that can be found in every real truther who has that pure robust desire deep inside to fight what’s right.

Throughout the years, Lions Ground has built up an unforgettable reputation, a brand … representing the truth.