Lions Ground is a publisher on YouTube publishing videos about the most controversial topics, but on November 15, 2021, the founder of lionsground.com, Heathcliff, changed the business operations into a social media because he realizes that sooner or later it will be for him, his allies, and the fans game over, loosing contact with each other and lose our life’s work because of the censoring and mafia behavior of the social media tycoons.

Lions Ground is a social media site to give people with alternative interests who believe in certain things a platform where they don’t have to fear for their own safety, privacy, and freedom of expression.

Lions Ground started this initiative because we know better than anyone that social media companies have changed so extremely over the years that you, as a normal user and as a content creator, have the cramped feeling as if you are walking on eggshells.

We believe that people should be able to express themselves in their own and dignified way. But social media companies punish and ban people as soon as they talk about a sensitive topic. Outrageously, their own users the people who made the social media tycoons great are treated like vermin. Free thinking is not a crime!

The reason we think this is important to do is to give the people with alternative and out of the box interests a place where they won’t be ridiculed for thinking differently about certain things.

Together with you and other members we are part of a unique and amazing community where we can connect with new and likeminded people where we can share stories with each other.

Basicly, democracy where freedom is very high, suddenly no longer matters on the internet?

At lionsground.com, we care about that!

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