Hello, this is Lions Ground. It is an honor to meet you.

Thank you for your interest in Lions Ground and our service. Here’s what Lions Ground is all about.

For the last 10 years, over 1,100 news videos and thousands of news articles has been published. Over the years, Lions Ground has been mentioned by many major news outlets. Lions Ground helped awaken many people with unbiased and factual information.

Over the past few years, Lions Ground has built up 100,000 followers on the Internet.

The Internet is the future for our children and grandchildren because it contributes to the development of life. Lions Ground believes that information must be protected at all times.

Not everyone thinks the same.


Over the years, it has become clear that larger powers like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and some major news brands suppress information and determine what information you should get by sabotaging publishers like Lions Ground financially.

In 2016, these big names have signed an agreement with the European Commission, the same group of people who meet annually during the mysterious Bilderberg Meetings. On paper it is said that hate speech is being addressed but the code of conduct is so generalized that the definition of hate speech can mean anything.

The 2017 Youtube Boycott is a false flag operation to shut down the money tap for alternative and independent news publishers. More than 400 videos were seen as “not advertiser friendly” and Adsense sends threatening messages if Lions Ground continues it will lose its Adsense account which results in bankruptcy.

Of which advertising income on videos and articles decreases by 90%. Google is pushing its envelope by shadow bann content in search results.

This led Lions Ground to join the crowdfunding platform Patreon —of which thousands content creators did— where people financially support their favorite content creator for a performance, called pledge.

Patreon that advertise as the solution to freedom of speech is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Patreon closed the official Patreon page of journalist Lauren Southem because of her journalistic activities, the Lions Ground Patreon page was unavailable for two weeks and no service was provided and the money of people supporting Lions Ground goes to the wolf partially.

For years, Lions Ground has said to want to be independent of large parties just for those reasons.


End of September 2017 Lions Ground decided to come up with a counter-offensive. We must think about our future and to leave our future in the hands of great powers is same as selling your soul to the devil.

Lions Ground has developed a crowdfunded based news platform where people who want to support Lions Ground can become a member of this website and get full access to the website. This is fully hosted on lionsground.com.


Lions Ground’s mission is great, an independent television station supported by the people, determined by the people, and side-by-side with the people. This is the first building block, do you want to build with us?

Help keep the lion standing ground…

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