Lions Ground is a news publisher. Publishing news and commentary about UFOs and other mysteries throughout the world. Lions Ground is based in Marbella, Spain. Owned, and founded by Heathcliff from the Netherlands.

Lions Ground, formerly named Lions Ground Entertainment Group, is officially born in the Spanish resort Salou in 2000. It offered a total service to artists, mainly Dutch artists, such as official websites, video recordings, bookings, promotion, etc.

In 2007, Lions Ground chose a new path as a video commentary. Today, with over 100,000 followers [social networks combined], 360,000 monthly views, +1,000 videos, and 270 news articles, Lions Ground has built up a great understanding over the years and received quite some media attention.

Work Method

On lionsground.com we publish the latest news and on the official YouTube channel too.

Our workflow is fairly simple. Factual, unbiased, and straight to the point. The mission of Lions Ground is to inform the world correctly in a professional journalistic way but with the temperament of a male lion.


The mission of Lions Ground is to launch a live-stream television studio with Radio station armed with a like-minded team to continue the ultimate work method on a larger scale for those who cares about the entertainment industry.


Lions Ground has developed a community for ‘UFOs & Mysteries’ enthusiasts. A community where you can talk without being worried of ridicule and the perfect place to share stories uncensored.

For a small fee of $1 per month, the member has full access to the community and the member can enjoy reading articles commercial free and post comments.

There is a choice of different subscriptions that are characterized by unique rewards. For information visit the registration page here.

The fee helps Lions Ground to continue to exist as a result of the censorship on the internet and increasing Ad-block users.


If you do not want to register on this website but still want to support Lions Ground, you can register at Lions Ground’s official Patreon page.

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