Cara Rintala’s Fourth Trial in 2023: A Deep Dive into the Case’s Developments

Cara Rintala’s case has become a focal point in Massachusetts’ legal annals. Accused of the harrowing murder of her wife, Annamarie Cochrane-Rintala, back in 2010, Cara is now slated for her fourth trial in September 2023. This prolonged legal battle, marked by a series of trials and an overturned conviction, has garnered significant attention, not just for its intricacies but also for its precedent: it’s the first murder case involving a married lesbian couple in the state. As the trial date approaches, both the public and legal communities await with bated breath for the next chapter in this landmark case.


Cara Rintala's mugshot from her 2010 arrest.
Cara Rintala’s mugshot following her arrest in 2010. © Court TV.

In the heart of Massachusetts, Cara Rintala’s case has been a subject of intense scrutiny and discussion for over a decade. The events trace back to March 29, 2010, when Annamarie Cochrane-Rintala, aged 37, was found lifeless at the bottom of their home’s basement staircase. The scene was chilling: she was covered in paint, and a subsequent medical examination revealed strangulation as the cause of death.

Cara Rintala, discovered cradling her deceased wife at the scene, was indicted for first-degree murder on October 19, 2011. Since then, her legal journey has been anything but straightforward. The first two trials, held in 2013 and 2014, concluded without a decisive verdict, resulting in hung juries on both occasions. The third trial, however, saw a shift in the narrative. In 2016, Rintala faced a first-degree murder conviction, leading to a life sentence. But this conviction was short-lived. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, in 2021, overturned the verdict, citing flawed testimony regarding the paint found at the crime scene as a significant error.

The Rintala case hasn’t just been a matter of state interest. Its unique nature, being the first murder case involving a married lesbian couple in Massachusetts, has propelled it to national headlines. Massachusetts, recognized as the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage, now finds itself in the spotlight for a case that intertwines personal relationships with legal intricacies.

As Cara Rintala prepares for her fourth trial, the anticipation is palpable. The upcoming proceedings, set for September 2023, promise to be a pivotal moment in this long-standing legal saga, with both the state and the nation watching closely.

The Latest Update

A recent photograph of Cara Rintala from 2023.
A recent portrait of Cara Rintala taken in 2023. © MassLive.

The ongoing legal saga surrounding Cara Rintala has seen a new development that’s captured the attention of Massachusetts and beyond. A recent announcement from the Hampshire Superior Court has confirmed that Rintala’s fourth trial is set for September 6, 2023. This decision, marking yet another chapter in this intricate case, was not arrived at lightly.

The trial date was a collaborative determination, jointly requested by both the prosecution, led by Northwestern First Assistant District Attorney Steven E. Gagne, and Rintala’s defense team, comprising Boston-based attorneys Chauncy Wood and Rosemary Scapicchio. Given the case’s complexity and the schedules of other trials, September 2023 was deemed the earliest feasible time for proceedings. This upcoming trial, anticipated to span three to four weeks, is expected to delve deep into the events of that fateful day in 2010 and the subsequent legal battles.

A significant point of contention and interest has been the overturned conviction from Rintala’s third trial. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, in a decision that sent ripples through the legal community, nullified the conviction in 2021. The court pinpointed a critical flaw: the testimony of David Guilianelli, a quality engineer connected to the paint found at the crime scene. His testimony was deemed unscientific, leading to the court’s decision to overturn the previous verdict.

As the trial date approaches, this case continues to be a focal point, with many awaiting the next turn in this intricate legal journey.

Implications and Broader Context

The unfolding of the Cara Rintala case has significant ramifications for Massachusetts’ legal system. Its prominence is not just due to the personal nature of the crime but also because of the legal intricacies it has presented over the years. The multiple trials and the overturned conviction highlight the challenges the judiciary faces in cases with complex evidence and testimony.

In a broader context, the Rintala case can be juxtaposed with other high-profile legal battles that have tested the boundaries of the legal system. While the specifics may vary, the common thread is the judiciary’s role in interpreting evidence and ensuring a fair trial, even in cases that capture intense public and media attention.

Furthermore, the case underscores the importance of expert testimony in the legal process. The overturning of Rintala’s conviction due to flawed expert testimony serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the need for rigorous scrutiny and validation of such testimonies.

As the upcoming trial approaches, legal experts and observers will be keenly watching, not just for the verdict, but for the broader implications it might hold for similar cases in the future.


The Cara Rintala case, spanning over a decade, remains a significant point of interest in Massachusetts’ legal chronicles. From the tragic events of 2010, through multiple trials, to the overturned conviction, the journey has been marked by legal complexities and intense public scrutiny. As the state prepares for Rintala’s fourth trial in September 2023, all eyes are on the upcoming discussions and trial motions slated for November 11. This case, with its unique distinctions and legal challenges, continues to shape discussions on the intricacies of the judiciary and the pursuit of justice in Massachusetts.


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