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UFO Theater: Secureteam10's Youtube Videos Demonetized?

UFO Theater: Secureteam10’s Youtube Videos Demonetized?

Youtube demonetize videos of the UFO related Youtuber Secureteam10. This claims the self–proclaimed debunker UFO Theater. "Is the claim true?" The Secureteam10-obsessed Dean Guiliotis, the owner...
Thirdphaseofmoon, debunkers and low game against Secureteam10video

Thirdphaseofmoon, debunkers and low game against Secureteam10

Is Thirdphaseofmoon used, are debunkers genuinely working or do they have an agenda, and the dirty low game against Secureteam10. In the next minutes,...

UFO hoaxer Secureteam again caught distributing FAKE NEWS

One of the last recent videos called "WHOA! Mobile Proof Of Alien Bases On The Moon?" by UFO news Youtube channel Secureteam is again...

Secureteam10 Applies Cointelpro Tactics to Tackle Debunkers Using Fake Accounts

Brand new evidence that Tyler of Secureteam10 is behind fake accounts to pollute debunker's content by applying cointelpro. This way he distract people from...
Facts About Secureteam10 - Earnings and Traffic

True Facts About Secureteam10

True facts about Secureteam10 is a fact checking article with interesting facts about the popular UFO channel owned by Tyler Glockner. Numbers Secureteam10 has an averaged...
secureteam10 fake hoax

Facts that Secureteam10 is Fake, Hoax and Misleading

Lions Ground accused Secureteam10 of publishing fake, hoax and misleading content. In a 20 minute video is explained with legitimate evidence that Tyler Glockner...
Hoaxer Secureteam10: "WOW! UFO Streaks Up Behind Space Station"

Hoaxer Secureteam10: “WOW! UFO Streaks Up Behind Space Station”

The Youtube channel SecureTeam10 published on June 3 a video of an object captured on NASA's International Space State live-feed camera. "Amazing view striking...
ufo proof kyle nathan aloia faked cancer

Hoax debunker UFO Proof Kyle Nathan Aloia faked cancer

Not a classy move of Kyle Nathan Aloia, the man behind the YouTube channel UFO Proof. The self-proclaimed truther pretended he had stage 4...
Tabloid The Sun Fake News

Lions Ground trashes the tabloid the Sun: ‘I don’t like FAKE NEWS has a...

Lions Ground slams the UK tabloid The Sun as "fake news" after publishing manipulated and defaming news articles. Unlike finger pointing, Heathcliff shares  documents...
#OpVespaMandarinia: The Operation That Will Tackle The Hoax Industry Hard

#OpVespaMandarinia: The Operation That Will Tackle The Hoax Industry Hard

Operation Vespa Mandarinia is an operation founded by Lions Ground to tackle hoax industry by shutting down their money sources on grounds of fake...


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