What Is YouTube Premieres and How To Use Premieres The Correct Way?

YouTube rolled out a vital new function which is a great asset for any serious video creator.

YouTube Premieres

What is YouTube Premieres and how to use it the correct way to generate more organic traffic to your channel before your video hits the internet?

On August 31, an exciting new feature rolled out on the YouTube channel of Lions Ground called YouTube Premieres.

YouTube gives the content creator the possibility to generate a hype around the video just like what they do in the movie industry.

What is YouTube Premieres?

If you have ever scheduled a live stream, you notice that YouTube Premieres is exactly the same.

YouTube Premieres is a video watch page with the layout of a scheduled live stream as you can see below.


This brand new feature allows you to schedule your video and create a buzz around your content.

YouTube Premiere Video Watch Page

The video watch page or landing page contains the following elements:

  • Premiere date;
  • Premiere time;
  • Reminder button;
  • Superchat / chat;
  • Comment section;
  • Number of people waiting;
  • and the basic video functions such as like/dislike, title, and description.

How does YouTube Premieres work?

Premiere a new video
Premiere a new video

While you upload your video the YouTube Premieres section is available on the right side. The only thing you have to do is to enable it.

Once you have planned your video you can promote your content. Your subscribers can chat with each other and have so many more benefits.

How to use YouTube Premieres the correct way?

This feature allows you to promote your video before it is published.

Below are some important tips that you should definitely apply to get the most out of this function.

  1. SEO
    Make sure the title, description, and tags are optimized. YouTube Premieres are included in search engines. Pages with less than 300 words are seen by Google search engine as thin content. Don’t do keyword stuffing which can have catastrophic results on your channel.
  2. Tease
    It is important to tease your subscriber but never show the back of your tongue. Do not write too many details in the video description that can be easily be found on Youtube or Google. But make them curious.
  3. Thumbnail
    In the movie industry, very attractive posters are distributed around the world to lure people to the cinema. Make a thumbnail like you’ve never made before. Tip: The thumbnail must have a wow factor. It has to tell a story. Search for competitors on Youtube, make a better thumbnail to stand out.
  4. Promote
    Promote your YouTube Premiere not only on your social networks but also in online groups or communities.

Our very first video in premiere

On September 1 we premiered our very first video. This special moment is screen captured to see this feature in action. The subscriber receives a notification by e-mail that the video is in premiere.

One little glitch is discovered. The subtitles is not working while in premiere.

We received on Twitter a feedback by one of the developers, Kurt Wilms. That they will look into it.

Thank you for reading this article about the new feature YouTube Premieres. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or join this website to place your question below this article.