Youtube killed H3 Podcast live stream about Alex Jones

Youtube killed H3 Podcast live stream about Alex Jones

The live stream of H3 Podcast on August 11 was abruptly disconnected by Youtube the moment they talked about Alex Jones and received an account strike that disables the live streaming functionality. What is YouTube doing?

Alex Jones Banned

Owner and founder of Infowars, Alex Jones, has recently been removed on all major social network platforms and banned such as Youtube for violating the community guidelines with as a result that the Infowars app is pushed to the top in the list of the most popular apps for mobile phones. It seems that the ban have a counterproductive effect.

H3 Podcast Live Stream

The Youtube channel h3h3 Podcast, with as hosts the duo Ethan and Hila Klein, were surprised last Saturday during their live stream about the Alex Jones ban. After 20 minutes live, the duo starts debating about Alex Jones and just after seeing the clip where Alex Jones accuses someone as a child rapist, this happens …

“We just got taken down by Youtube, says one of the team members. “They just killed our stream, the person continued. Watch the moment in the video below at 23:37.

The H3 Podcast live stream was terminated by Youtube for violating the community guidelines. But what the violation specific is about is unclear.

After seeing the moment that their live stream was interrupted you can conclude that this is hardcore censorship.

H3 Podcast is presented by a funny duo with a cheeky edge but their content never crossed the line.

Ethan Klein immediately tweeted about this.

In a surprised tone, Ethan writes,”Wow @TeamYouTube just shut down our @theh3podcast live stream and gave us a strike for talking about Alex Jones??… What.

It seems that Youtube is acting nervously when big Youtube channels covering the story about the Alex Jones ban. Smaller Youtube channels do not suffer as much because they can not exert any influence on the internet but a channel with over 1.6 million subscribers can.

That same day, YouTube reversed its decision followed up with an excuse Tweet.

“Hi Ethan – Our team looked into this and determined the live stream was taken down incorrectly. The strike has been removed. Our apologies and thank you for your patience, says Youtube

That is a little late because the damage has already been done. The financial damage caused by the censorship practice is fairly large for a large channel such as H3 Podcast.

Youtube Targets Friendly And Fact Checking Content

It is clear that Alex Jones and Infowars have been added as negative trigger words to the algorithm. This became obvious when the Lions Ground video about Alex Jones was immediately demonetized. A manual review was submitted and approved by Youtube.

The censorship plans were announced by Lions Ground in 2015 at the earliest. The larger channels had no ear for it. Today, everyone talks about what we warned about. So far, all predictions have become reality.