Lions Ground expose YouTube's false video removal practices

YouTube deleted innocent comic pizza video on September 20th for violence. Do they hate pizzas that much?

On 20 September Lions Ground received the announcement that the video “Triangle shaped UFO TR3B spotted on US Aircraft Carrier in Mediterranean Sea, Leaked Video !!” is a violation of the guidelines.

This is about a satirical visualization of the work by the respected debunker Scott Brando of UFO of Interest.

Alleged video

Section 51 has used a video material from a fighter jet landing on the aircraft carrier. The hoaxer added a triangular UFO and published the production on his YouTube channel claiming it’s a UFO.

To show that this is a hoax, we have added a juicy crispy pizza instead of a UFO to the original video.

At the end, it is explained that this has been debunked by Brando in which you can see how a child smashed another child on the ground —which originates from YouTube— to visualize “owned” followed up with the original clean footage without the UFO or pizza.

Lions Ground re-published the video on the channel because the video is clean.

Difficult to comprehend but it’s true, YouTube removed the alleged video on Violent.
This is not the first time a debunk video has been removed by YouTube.

On February 26, YouTube removed the video “Baghdad¬†car bombing is a hoax: ‘Crisis actors caught red-handed’” on harassment and bullying.

Associated Press is addressed in the video to remove false information from their publication. AP flagged the video as harassment and bullying and YouTube deleted the alleged video.

Exposing YouTube

YouTube rejected the appeal and maintains that the video is a violation of the community guidelines on violent. The only violence in the video is when the child — censored with the logos of UFO of Interest and Section 51 — is thrown on the ground. The snippet used in the video¬†originates from YouTube that has been online since May 14, 2017.

YouTube removes a comical innocent video but don’t remove the original video. So Lions Ground debunk video is shocking and violent according to YouTube.

A pizza UFO video is very shocking for young viewers but publishing a dead artist in a car not.

A pizza UFO video is very violent but Suge Knight killing someone with his car not.

With these simple examples, the claim is that our video is a violation of the community guidelines on violent debunked and also tells us that the people who handle the appeals do not know what they are doing.


YouTube clearly shows that they do what they want. With this story, we want to show that you have to worry as a content creator because without reason YouTube can remove your content if they don’t like it.

Some content creators such as the debunker Captain Disillusion work an entire month on one video. The chance that his content can be removed at any time is present and is catastrophic for this content creator when it happen.


Lions Ground can demonstrate that YouTube is politically incorrect and will contact its advertisers if YouTube does not reinstate the alleged video before next week.

Three advertisers already withdraw their campaigns after Lions Ground spoke with them in response for YouTube’s demonetization practice.

YouTube lured content creators in the early days. We have made the platform big and now YouTube shows their appreciation because they have a strong position we’ve created.

YouTube can do what it wants, but we content creators too.