Woman flees police because she thought they worked for the Illuminati

Woman flees police because she thought they worked for the Illuminati

A woman flees from Wisconsin police because she thought the agents worked for the Illuminati. The police footage shows it all.

Just before midnight the cops pulled over a female driver in a white vehicle.

The woman asked for his identification. The police replied that he carries no identification with him.

Before he could finish his sentence the woman left the scene.

“I’m sorry, but I can not stay, — tells the confused driver to the officer.

Woman flees police

The bizarre pursuit begun with reinforcement. Halfway, the police tried to stop the fugitive with stop sticks but that wend almost wrong.

The fugitive avoided the trap by turning to the roadside and nearly knocked down a police officer.

Luckily enough the chase was short-lived. After 10 minutes the woman decided eventually to pull over.

The police officer ordered the woman to show her hands, but then the woman started to shout strange things.

“See my hands. Don’t shoot me, in Jesus name. You have no power authority over me”

The woman began to address the police more aggressively and demanded that the police first show their ID.

“I want to see some ID. Before you step near the vehicle, I want to see some ID”

The Illuminati

A police officer shattered a window and handcuffed the female driver.

The woman asks in a friendly tone if the deputies are the Illuminati or Mason.

The police keep the woman on the ground to handcuff her.

The woman tells the cops they are not real police officers but witches and warlocks.

“You’re mad because you can’t hurt me in the physical realm, —the woman continued.

Then suddenly the woman speaks in an unknown slang.

Watch the video below.


The Seattle Police Department’s manual says the police must show their name and department serial number, verbally, or in writing, if requested.

The officers are not required if:

  • An investigation is jeopardized
  • A police function is hindered
  • There is a safety consideration

The video material released by the police shows that the deputy was unable to identify to the driver before the woman drove away.

The deputy was wrong because he failed to identify. The woman drove away which is wrong too.