Why Lions Ground is not posting UFO related videos anymore?

Why Lions Ground is not posting UFO related videos anymore?

There has been a lot of change in recent months. This change makes some wonder why Lions Ground no longer publishes content about aliens and UFOs.

The motive behind this big change cannot easily be explained with one simple reason.

For starters, the followers do not like it. Numbers don’t lie.

People’s choice

Two months ago, Lions Ground asked the followers to choose what their favorite topic is.

The poll result tells that aliens/UFOs is the least popular topic among the followers of Lions Ground.

The basic fundamental of every YouTube channel are the subscribers. For this reason the opinion of the followers is what is most important.

Lions Ground has made a fine selection of the two most popular topics, namely ‘general but mind blowing stories or news’.

YouTube boycott

Many YouTube content creators are still struggling to survive as effect caused by the YouTube boycott. Lions Ground struggled a lot to keep its head above water.

Lions Ground will reach 75,000 subscribers by the end of this year but in reality only an a dozen people have supported Lions Ground in good times and bad times. For this reason, it is time to be selfish and do what’s good for Lions Ground.

Personal choice

After years of having published UFO related content, everyone failed to convinced Lions Ground with a legit UFO video.

Based on personal experience, all UFO cases had a natural explanation, were deliberately taken out of context or a hoax.

Lions Ground is more than just making videos about UFOs. After hours of material about a lame white moving dot in the air is a wake-up call to turn the page. Ignoring that, Lions Ground is not honest to itself.

How can you be honest to someone else if you’re not honest to yourself?

Next chapter

YouTube analytics

A clear positive signal in the analytics confirms Lions Ground made the right choice.

The next chapter is the return to the original roots of Lions Ground, namely the entertainment.

The statistics have increased for the first time since the YouTube boycott.

The growing rate indicates the right choice has been made.

Past 28 days Lions Ground gained +2,239 subscribers, watch time is increased with 58%, and views with 106%.


The only one to blame is Lions Ground. Halfway in the YouTube career, Lions Ground hit the UFO road caused by a UFO case which later turned out to be a hoax.

Over the years, Lions Ground has built a subscriber base that is interested in UFOs.

In long term a large emporium was build on quicksand because Lions Ground was building a fan base with spread interests, Lions Ground has learned.

As a result, you always disappoint a group of people when you publish a new video.

Back to the Roots

When you watch the very first Lions Ground video published on March 10, 2010, you quickly discover the roots of Lions Ground is the entertainment industry.

Fun Fact: Back then the name was ‘The Lions Ground Entertainment Group’.

Yes, the entertainment. Lions Ground is back to its roots.

Lions Ground is aware that some followers do not agree with this decision.

“Here we go separate ways,” is the response to those who don’t support this decision. However, this doesn’t mean Lions Ground will never publish a video about UFOs as long it’s related to the entertainment industry.