What Are The Illuminati Signs and Symbols

What Are The Illuminati Signs

The Illuminati once existed under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt. Today, a hot global trend and for some hope for money and fame. The celebrities flashing signs to show the world they are the so-called Illuminati members, who make themselves recognizable by symbolizing hand signals. But what are the Illuminati signs?

What Are The Illuminati Signs

If you studied the claimed Illuminati signs of today about their original origin, you find out that the Illuminati signs has nothing to do with this secret society. The so-called experts such as Mark Dice claim that the symbols is being used by the Illuminati, but actually this guy just abuse the trend to sell his books. So what are the Illuminati signs?

Proclaimed Illuminati Signs

Illuminati - All Seeing Eye
All seeing eye

Everyone associates the all seeing eye with the Illuminati. This is the biggest lie in the world of secret societies.

The eye symbol was first used in the oldest living religion in the world, Hinduism —known as the third eye— the ajna, or brow, chakra. Known in the branch of Indian Vajrayana, Tibetan Buddhism, as your third eye. Lord Shiva has a third eye. The Vajrayana system states that the central channel (avadhūtī) begins at the point of the third eye, used to obtain enlightenment.

Some people label it as the evil eye, completely false, that’s ignorance because who determines that the eye is good or bad? Not the author, nonsense. Same as a pistol, the weapon is not dangerous but the man using it.


The image above shows a mixture of two symbols, Sunbeams and the eye. If you study the remaining original writings of the Illuminatiordens, you learn that Adam Weishaupt has never used that symbol.

Adam had indeed a Jesuit background(they used the cloud-sunbeam symbol), and was once a member of the Freemasonry but he left this secret society because they didn’t liked his ideas.

The ideology of the Illuminati that you know today is the opposite what the true Illuminati represents. The Illuminati opposed the influence or dominance of the clergy in the field of public life, education or politics (what is referred to as clericalism).

The Illuminati or Illuminatiordens only used The Owl of Minerva —a little owl (Athene noctua), which represents Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom— No body is entitled to judge wisdom as good or bad.


The image above is only used by the Freemasonry. An early Masonic version of the Eye of Providence with clouds and a semi-circular glory. Like the pyramid, typically Freemasons. So leave the Illuminati out this false conspiracy.


Today’s Illuminati is not Illuminati, but Freemasonry. Who has brought this delusion in our world is unknown, but all claims about the Illuminati is completely unfounded. You want money and fame, contact Freemasonry. So, what are the signs of the Illuminati? The owl.