What Are Dreams and Astral Projection?

What Are Dreams and Astral Projection?

The article ‘What Are Dreams‘ by Amanda, explains you the Nature of Dreams. And what are the meaning of dreams and Astral Projection?

Many of us have wondered about the nature of dreams and the reality we live in. How real are dreams anyway? How solidified is our reality? Is our spirit or soul able to travel to dimensions outside of the one we predominately inhabit? These are questions that great philosophers have pondered for centuries.

Astral Projection

Astral projection has been said to be a figment of the imagination by some, a spiritual journey by believers, and a manipulative act of the Devil by others; but what about dreams that take you to realities outside of your own? Realities where you’re able to meet up with individuals you don’t know in person, but somehow manage to meet in identical settings, experiencing the same things? Are these dreams unconscious rememberings of astral travels? I dare to say some of them are.

Pythagoras believed that during sleep the soul left the body, as did many other great thinkers. So are astral travels and dreams one in the same? The difference merely being the conscious and intentional direction of the spirit, while the other is more akin to subconscious and unguided meanderings? This video is merely a recollection of some of my experiences that may have you asking those same questions.

What Are Dreams?

What are dreams is better to explain by sharing my experience. While I have had several astral projection experiences, some really stood out more than others. One of the experiences discussed is in relation to me visiting a friend I only knew through the Internet. We’ve both had a deep curiosity for the “unknown”, so naturally we decided to link up and test our abilities in this mysterious area of life.

At first we were merely trying to meet up with one another in “Dreamland”, which we finally did do. But when I had a fit of sleep paralysis during one of our attempts to meet in this dreamland, I naturally attempted to guide my thoughts toward him. While I focused my thoughts on him, I suddenly appeared in what seemed to be my friend’s room; him sleeping on his bed, which was positioned in the middle of his room with a bedframe.

I struggled to keep my vision straight though, with my spirit body swaying back and forth and was quickly returned to my bed. It was a quick and yet profound experience once I later confirmed that what I saw actually matched his room.

The other intriguing experience discussed in this video is about a random individual helping my family and I. In the dream I had no idea it was him, all I knew was that my family and I were hiding from what seemed like a group of military people setting up camp at my mom’s house. My dad was the brave one and decided he would walk up to our home from where we were hiding and figure out exactly what was happening.

He ended up returning with one of the guys, assuring us that he was good and insisting on him wanting to help. While the guy aided us one by one, he said something to me when he lifted me up, which I later forgot.

I didn’t think much of this dream until I received a random message that very morning from an activist I follow on Instagram. He described how he had a dream about me and my family, and that he was helping us. He described the dream perfectly! Matching the setting and my family with what I had experienced in my own.

There are many stories of people having the same dreams as one another, meeting people they later meet in life, or seeing the same places as another person that don’t actually exist in this reality. As time goes on we begin to realize that life is infinitely mysterious, and the possibilities are infinitely endless.

If these experiences have been happening across the globe for centuries to people with no connection to one another—at least consciously—then what does that really say about the reality we live in and those realities we experience during sleep? I will leave those ponderings up to you.

Dreams and Astral Projection

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