US special forces fought aliens in underground cave complex, according to this witness

Is this a big fantasy or the truth?

US special forces fought aliens in underground cave complex, according to this witness
A CGI image of typical Gray alien.

US special forces have been involved in a firefight with aliens who had built in the desert of New Mexico an underground base, claims an eyewitness.

Up to 60 soldiers and civilians were killed in Dulce by aliens called Grays, who were armed with plasma weapons.

Phil Schneider worked on secret military projects underground at Dulce and witnessed the incident.

Roswell UFO Incident

Schneider, whose father Philip was involved in the development of the atomic bomb, he had to sign a confidentiality agreement, but later revealed that the US military collaborate with the Grays on the construction of underground bases.

The Grays are also associated with the Roswell UFO incident.

Anthony Sanchez, which has researched extensively in the so-called Dulce battle, said: “In 1979 he says when they sunk a shaft during some mining exploration to see if they could build a similar subterranean base they discovered a very old cavern system where Greys extra-terrestrials had a base.”


Phil Schneider during a lecture.

Schneider said he came face to face with the Grays and decided to draw and fire his weapon.

He said he had shot two when he was hit by some kind of plasma weapon.

In addition, he lost part of his hand.


He escaped and the army called as the help of the special forces, he said.

“The Navy Seals and Delta Force were involved in the firefight with the Grays,” Sanchez said. “Sixty soldiers and scientists were killed.”

In 1996, Schneider was found dead in his apartment. Although he was strangled, it was declared that he had committed suicide.


Some believe Phil Schneider was a fraud. According to a publication on LinkedIn, the information about underground bases was already available on paper.

But above all, Phil Schneider suffered from self-inflicting, self-mutilating psychological disorder, mental instability and delusive illness.