Unidentified Submerged Object was Surrounded by Multiple Submarines

Unidentified Submerged Object was Surrounded by Multiple Submarines

Marbella – Tom DeLonge addressed three weeks ago on Instagram a USO incident that allegedly had occurred years ago in the north Atlantic coast. Delonge calls out to meet him in Sun Valley to discuss about this mysterious event.

DeLong’s post appeared shortly after the story by ufologist and astronomer Marc D’Antonio in which he claims that he witnessed unidentified submerged object which was travelling at several hundred knots while he was on board a US Navy submarine in the North Atlantic ocean.

Tom DeLonge writes the following on Instagram: “Sun Valley, Idaho! Who here wants to meet up and talk about how a few years ago an unidentified craft was underwater and pinned against the North Atlantic coast by multiple nuclear attack submarines for over a week?”

The story has similarities with the 1971 USO incident where a series of black-and-white photos leaked on the internet in which strange objects were photographed and, according to believers, this is evidence that alien intelligent beings are hiding in the deep water. The paranormal researcher and author, Alex Mistretta, has examined the photos after they have been leaked on a French paranormal magazine ‘Top Secret’.

An anonymous source claims that the photos were taken from the United State Navy submarine USS Trepang (SSN 674) under the charge of Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett. John Klika would have first spotted the UFO. The submarine would accidentally have crossed the path of the UFO.

One of the alleged photos.

The Black Vault writes that part of the story is correct. Admiral Dean R Sackett and John Klika both were indeed on the Trepang SSN 674, in March of 1971 in the Arctic but denied seen something unusual while onboard the Trepang.

The Black Vault writes: “Steve spoke with the Admiral Dean R Sackett and I have been in touch with John Klika, both named by the source who released the pictures as principal participants in this saga … Admiral Sackett denied seen anything unusual while on board the Trepang … John Klika also confirmed that he was also on the Trepang in March of 1971, but told me that neither himself or anyone else saw anything unusual while in the Arctic.”

Wim Van Utrecht showed that one of the Trepang photographs may have been photoshopped where you can see that parts of the photos are mirrored.

The 1979 USO case seems to have too many red flags to confirm its authenticity.

Approximately 71 percent of planet Earth is covered with water and a small percentage is explored by humans. A big world of secrets can perhaps be found at the bottom of our oceans.