Strange Unexplained Ghost Videos That Will Make You Cringe

Ghosts are the stuff of legend. But what happens when you capture one on video? Today we’re going to take a look and judge at some incredible ghosts captured on camera.

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State of New Jersey sent by Edward Monge

If you’ve ever seen a ghost, you know that the experience can be unsettling.

But imagine if you didn’t know what you were seeing? That’s the situation that Edward Monge found himself in recently when he found something strange on his video camera.

Monge was metal detecting in the State Of New Jersey and captured this video of what appears to be a ghostly figure rushing behind him. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was standing on a hunted property. Something rushes behind him and… well, you can see for yourself.

Some people think this is smoke, but it’s possible this is about the top part of tall grass or plant, and the combination of panning camera movements and depth of field creates this optical illusion—something like that.

Whatever it is, it’s pretty weird! What do you think? Is this smoke, the top part of tall grass or plant, or something else entirely? Did Edward Monge really film something supernatural? Or is there another explanation for what happened?

Deceased loved-one

What if you saw a deceased loved one in a photo? That’s what happened to a woman named Nicole, who claims she saw her mother-in-law in a picture taken at her son’s wedding.

Nicole is just one of the many people who have reported seeing ghosts in their photos—some even claim to have captured videos of them too.

An investigation by England’s leading psychic investigator Maurice Grosse examined this picture and found no traces of manipulation.

The negative has been examined, too, and the investigation finds no evidence of tampering or fakery—it can’t be a mistake as this is machine printed.

This TV show was before Photoshop became a standard software on every computer because Grosse died on 14 October 2006 which makes this photo even more mysterious!

However, it doesn’t always have to be the ghost of someone you know.

George Todd was celebrating his anniversary in Austria with his wife when he tried to take a group photo. The flash didn’t go off. He tried again, and the flash went off, but when he had the photos developed, there was one person too many in the photo.

Some people think this is a trick by playing with the exposure of the camera.

The longer it’s open, the more light comes into the camera, so if there’s any movement in front of the lens (or behind it!), it will show up as an image on your film or digital sensor. But why does it look like a person? Maybe because when you take a photo with a long shutter speed, you’re capturing more than just what you see in front of your lens—you’re also capturing what happened before and after that moment.

Anyway, people with real experiences with the paranormal don’t doubt that these pictures are real.

Papua New Guinea

The next video on the TikTok account belonged to user zabuza_292.

A security camera is pointed at the intersection of Waigani, Papua New Guinea, and cars drive quietly on the road in the evening, suddenly a white figure appears on the left.

One user below says that a mother had a fatal accident in 2018 and maybe this is her ghost. Another user is not convinced and says this is about light reflection from passing cars.

What is it? A ghost? A reflection? A hoax? Whatever it is, write it down below in the comment section!

Bedroom Shadow sent by tintwelf_12

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be haunted?

Many people have had experiences with the paranormal. We’ve all heard stories about ghosts and spirits. Some of us have even seen them or felt their presence in our own homes. But when does a haunting become more than just a story?

From Texas—a security camera is placed in the bedroom, a man is asleep, an eerie black cloud appears around the corner…and then disappears as quickly as it appeared. But what happens next is what makes this video so chilling: you hear something that sounds like a running angry person.

People say black shadows are generally not good news. They can be the harbinger of death or a warning against something bad lurking in the future.

Some people say black shadows tend to be seen at night, and they often appear in a slightly different way than other shadows. They might have a different shape or texture, and they’re usually darker than normal shadows.

Some say this is a hoax, but others say it’s real. There’s no way to prove either one—but both possibilities are terrifying!

James May: Our Man in Italy

The next video I discovered something myself,

I was watching the travel program James May: Our Man in Italy with my girlfriend when we see something that shocked us.

James visited Naples’ Fontanelle cemetery, where a collection of 40,000 skulls is on display as the result of an outbreak of plague.

I learned that many more viewers than I had expected have seen strange things walking near James.

James May claims that this is a ghost or glitch, but it seems as though the dead are pursuing him— snippets from other episodes have been posted online in which figures can be seen on camera.

May is known for his sense of humor and willingness to make light of any situation, so many people assumed that this was just another example of his unique personality.

However, some people believed that this might be proof that ghosts do exist after all! Regardless of whether it was real or staged, we can all agree that it sure made for an entertaining show!

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