UFOs Spotted off Irish Coast by Commercial Pilots

UFOs Spotted off Irish Coast by Commercial Pilots

IrelandUnidentified flying objects have repeatedly been reported to Irish airport control. Audio files teach us that commercial pilots speak about bright lights and a super fast flying vehicle. The authorities have opened the UFO case for investigation. But this is not the first time a pilot witnessed something mysterious in the skies.

Experienced commercial pilots noticed near the coast of Ireland fast moving objects and reported this to ATC.

One of the pilots reports to ATC: “Very interesting report on Shannon high level … Multiple aircraft with reported sightings of a UFO over County Kerry.”

On Friday, November 9, 2018, a British commercial pilot asked Shannon Air Traffic Control if there were any military exercises in that area, but Lions Ground has learned that no exercises took place.

A pilot from the Canadian city of Montreal to Heathrow also reports about a very bright light and describes that the vehicle rapidly veered to the north.

A Virgin plane pilot, who can also be heard in the audio file, suggested that this was a meteor and there were multiple bright objects following the same sort of trajectory.

Robert Massey of the British Astronomical Society told the Standard: “A fast moving object that disappears quickly is highly likely to be a meteor … Bright meteors, sometimes called bolides, are seen a number of times each year and can be a dramatic sight – they do lead to reports of UFOs.”

A former B-1 bomber pilot UFO encounter

In a Business Insider publication of April 2018, a former B-1 bomber pilot spoke about his UFO encounter as commercial pilot over the Arizona desert.

They flew the American Airlines Airbus A321 over Arizona where they saw the UFO.

The pilot Blenus Green saw a strange green object. Green told over the radio: “I don’t know what it was, but at least two-three thousand feet above us. Yeah, it passed right over the top of us.”

Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident

The YouTube subscriber Kipp suggested the ‘Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident’ under a Lions Ground video about UFO sightings seen by professional pilots.

This high-profile UFO accident occurred in 1986 where a Japanese Boeing 747-200F cargo aircraft was on its way to Tokyo. The UFO had two rectangular arrays with glowing nozzles or thrusters, although their bodies remained obscured by darkness. It seemed that they were being stalked by three UFOs in total in a timeline of almost one hour.

Bob Tracey, the vice president of the company that owns the jet that first reported the object, said that his pilot also told him that the object was extremely bright after he was debriefed.

“Like you woke up in the morning and stared at a bright light,” Tracy said. “He said that it passed him at maybe a similar speed that an airliner would.”

Tapes of Pilots Reporting UFOs to ATC

In a 15 minute Lions Ground video we pay attention to three high-profile UFO incidents. Watch the video below and listen to what the experienced commercial pilots have to say.

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