UFOs Over Glasgow? Man Films Elongated Object

A video has emerged from Scotland showing a strange elongated object moving through the night sky over Glasgow. An eye witness took the video footage which he promptly submitted to Lions Ground for investigation.

Some people believe that UFOs are hoaxes and that most sightings of UFOs can be explained by science.

Others say it’s not true and that the government knows more than they let on. UFO investigators want to investigate these occurrences but they don’t have enough knowledge to do so. If there are unidentified flying objects, then we need to know about them.

A man from Glasgow saw a UFO sighting on April 11th, 2022 at 3:52 PM local time. He recorded it with his phone and submitted it to Lions Ground for investigation.

The UFO event

Martin said in his report that he was working at his computer when he witnessed an unidentified object out of his window.

He described the object as metallic, with a shiny surface that glinted in the light twice before moving slowly across the sky.

“I seen this out of my window as I was working at the computer. I can’t really say much as I have never seen it for long enough,” said Martin, the eyewitness.

“It glinted in the light twice and was moving rather slowly. The direction it was coming from us where the Faslane nuclear naval base is located and the US have a part of that base,” Martin continued.

Investigation result

Even though Martin stated he was facing southeast, our analysis of the filming location and environment proved that he was facing northwest instead.

We were able to identify the unidentified flying object:

We’re happy to report that our initial investigation has concluded that there is nothing to be concerned about in this case. It was a Cessna 525A Citation CJ2. The aircraft took off from Glasgow and was bound for Geneva, Switzerland.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that this unidentified flying object turned out to be nothing more than a harmless aircraft. If you see something in the sky that you’re unsure about, remember to reach out to Lions Ground before jumping to any conclusions!

We offer our expertise to help cut through the smoke and fog of the UFO phenomenon. We can put your mind at rest with a full independent investigation of any sighting – report your UFO sighting here for free!

Update: May 17 2022

We’ve received a new update from Mike, the witness who filmed UFO over Glasgow.

Mike has responded to our publication on YouTube and writes: “Hi, I actually face N/E and the object was traveling from N/W to S/E direction I may have filled in the form incorrectly.”

If we assume that this new direction is correct then it’s still a plane—then the UFO can be identified as the Boeing 737 MAX 8-200.

“It don’t change the end result I got you I wanted you to have a look and you solved it can’t ask for more, thank you,” Mike continued.

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