Rumors: UFOs Stored in Bigelow Aerospace’s Las Vegas Hangar

UFOs Stored in Bigelow Aerospace's Las Vegas Hangar

On August 12, an interesting story appeared on The Sunday Times about a mysterious giant hangar north of Las Vegas. The hangar is owned by Bigelow Aerospace. Now the story gets an exciting twist. It is suspected that there are UFOs or maybe UFO parts in the hangar.

Bigelow would be paid by the US Department of Defense to store parts of crashed UFOs.
The area is extremely heavily guarded. The hangar is surrounded by barbed wire and concrete walls with massively armed guards according to the residents.

Skinwalker Ranch

As you know, Bigelow is known for covering evidence. This is the same company that bought the Skinwalker Ranch. A family that once lived there experienced the strangest things.

For example, their cattle were dismembered from the inside out without spoiling a drop of blood. Strange poltergeist activities in and outside the house. This became too much for the family and placed an advertisement in a newspaper to sell the property and Bigelow saw that and that’s how he got that place.

There is a lecture on Youtube about this ranch by George Knapp of MUFON. Where the stories are confirmed once again. These are not normal people, but researchers who, for example, saw a man walking out of a yellow tunnel. They suspect that this entity comes from a different dimension.

So uhm if such a company like Bigelow owns a heavily guarded Hangar then I can swear on my father’s grave that something mysterious is being kept where you are not allowed to know.

It is said that there is a material being stored over there. As soon as you touch it you will be influenced. I do not know what I mean by that. This can be from feeling sick to mental manipulation.

Crashed UFOs

There is a man named John Greenewald, who has a database containing almost 1.5 million government documents, and uhm, he also talks about special alloys and materials from crashed UFOs that are very the same of the material of the Roswell crash. Greenewald is very interested in what is in the Bigelow hangar.

It appears that Bigelow has placed more buildings because if you take the satellite images you see that there are more buildings than before 2010.

Bigelow Aerospace says in a response to the Sunday Times that they can not comment on the UFO program. The company refers the newspaper to the American government. A-haa, so it’s all true. They don’t admit but don’t deny either.

But if the newspaper contacts the government, the government says to contact Bigelow. In other words, they do not want to release information to us.

The granddaughter of Bigelow reacts and says that they are proud of their work but that is all that can be said.