UFO Personality Travis Taylor Admits to Working for Pentagon

The star of the TV show ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ Travis Taylor has accused “debunkers” of having a bias in their research. In the interview that appeared last week on 8 News Now, journalist George Knapp reveals the double life of this star. He was secretly working as the chief scientist for the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force.

The article describes how Travis Taylor was an integral part of investigating UFO sightings and other phenomena related to UFOs and extraterrestrial.

During his interview with KLAS-TV, the chief scientist of the Pentagon’s UFO Task Force, Travis Taylor, took aim at skeptics who are biased in their research.

Taylor explained to journalist George Knapp in an interview that skeptics and debunkers obtain their results by “knowing what answer they’re going to get” and “changing” the analysis to take them in that direction.

But here’s the thing. A skeptic and a debunker, they take their results by starting from the beginning … by knowing that the result is going to be this. So they change … they take the analysis to lead them in the direction to do that

says Travis Taylor

It seems that independent fact-checkers like Mick West are being belittled. Not just by Travis Taylor, but also by biased journalist George Knapp, who is also good friends with UFO hoaxer Jeremy Corbell.

Jeremy Corbell, an American contemporary artist, documentary filmmaker, and ufologist, has repeatedly been caught lying about his claims. In one example, he posted a UFO from the miniseries Taken (2002) as “real” on his Instagram account which he later removed when we exposed him.

In the 8 News Now article dedicated to Travis Taylor, George Knapp called fact-checkers “civilian debunkers”, saying: “Civilian debunkers have tried to explain away the Tic Tac or Gimbal UFOs as birds or reflected light or far off jet engines as if military investigators are oblivious to such possibilities. When The UPA Task Force determined these objects to be genuine unknowns, it wasn’t merely relying on brief video clips.”

George Knapp, a supporter of the hoaxer Jeremy Corbell, featured a video in his news reporting that originate from the hoaxer Jeremy Corbell. This video contains a “UFO video” involving the USS Russell in 2019. The video footage depicts multiple pyramid-shaped flying objects.

The UAP Task Force, George Knapp, and intrepid UFO investigator Dr. Travis Taylor all failed but not the “civilian” debunker Mick West. This just turns out to be an effect as a result of a triangular camera lens called the Bokeh effect. This is confirmed by the congressional committee. Mick West explains …

The Bokeh effect is a photographic technique that creates a blurry background and a sharper image of the subject in the foreground. It is named after the Japanese word boke, which means “blurred.”

The Bokeh effect is created when a camera lens has been designed to produce an out-of-focus background with a sharp subject in the foreground. The shape of the out-of-focus blur can be circular or triangular depending on the camera model.

Skinwalker Ranch

Travis Taylor is known for the History Channel series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

History Channel viewers have been following the investigations into Skinwalker Ranch, a location known for paranormal activity and UFO sightings. But it turns out that many of the “events” depicted in the show were faked.

  • In Episode 3: Looking Down, in a secret room in a basement, the ranch’s keepers find a purported “human bone.” Although they test it, the result is unclear. Fake!
  • In Episode 6: Poking The Nest – Unfortunately they have difficulties using their digger. Obviously! It was actually a sewer digger used!
  • In Episode 7: Surveillance – They discover a cow that unexpectedly dies, and despite a skilled veterinarian examining it, they get the conclusion that extraterrestrials were involved.

Honestly, I’m embarrassed for them. The way that evidence and data are treated is an absolute joke. All of the evidence to do with their cattle is rubbish. The camera directly on the alpaca was mysteriously down during the attack, and people were close enough to throw a stick at the creature attacking it, but couldn’t see what it was? The ranch isn’t really that remote: a quick look on google maps shows it’s surrounded by other farms and fracking wells. There’s zero proof that any of the light phenomena they “observed,” were anything other than man-made.

Antichshae, one of the viewers

Another viewer continued:

These so-called scientists talk about things like they’re fact without any real experimentation other than some bs meters and conjecture. They use GPR and quickly say there is a 1000 ft disk shape craft buried…uhhh didn’t toy here the guy says they could be boulders. It’s embarrassing to watch, cringy as hell, bs medical scares and fake worries over made-up nothing. Why can’t a real show use real science and come up with real findings…. answer, there’s nothing there!



George Knapp, a television investigative journalist whose long career has included investigating UFO phenomena for more than 32 years and is known for the interview with the Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar, clearly did a biased news reporting.

Knapp has been throwing rocks at fact-checkers but in fact, he and Travis Taylor are the ones conducting a biased investigation. It is claimed that data, reports, and other video material have been examined but this claim has never been proven and never shown to the public.

I loved this show until I talked to a person who lived very near Skin Walker Ranch and she told me the show is all fake. That everyone in the local area consider the show a big joke and that one of the actors in the show is a big drunk who comes into the local pubs and talks trash about it.

says Susan Chandler, a commenter

Here is where Knapp and Travis Taylor are misinformed about fact-checkers like West. Online fact-checkers are an important part of the journalistic process. They ensure that information published online is accurate and unbiased.

Fact-checkers work to verify the accuracy of content published online, including articles, images, videos, and social media posts. They look for signs that an article might be biased or inaccurate and then provide a factual response to it.

Some fact-checkers are independent, while others work for news organizations or other groups with a vested interest in ensuring accurate information is available to the public. Regardless of who they work for, however, all fact-checkers must adhere to strict standards to remain unbiased and ensure the credibility of their work.

George Knapp has been doing UFO research and investigative journalism for more than 32 years, then he is doing this wrong for 32 years.


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