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UFO Today - UFO Hoaxer

UFO Today, a Youtube channel from Belgium related to UFOs, the extraterrestrial, and mysteries is a confirmed hoaxer and disinformation. This article will cover three most recent UFO videos and show you why.


New Zealand UFO

First you need content. He steals a video that is not his and fabricates a story and makes money. The Youtube channel in question has downloaded an old video that was made in 2011. Below the original video.

The claim

He claims New Zealand is the location but the video is recorded in Moline, Illinois, USA. The original video has audio, a male voice is clearly audible. He claims that the “woman” was “watching a pregnant cow”, but in reality, the witness was watching fireworks with friends during Independence Day.

The channel in question has generated revenue under false pretenses, hoax confirmed. Below the debunk.

Searched, Found, and Solved

On January 12 the witnesses of the original video was found. He has explained his story.

“What I recorded and put on YouTube looked like an ufo,” says the witness. Afterwards he became aware that it has nothing to do with UFOs.

He has never given permission to third parties to use his video and certainly no hoaxers like UFO Today. To clean up the internet from disinformation he has handed over the title so that Lions Ground can legally file a copyright claim. The hoax video has been deleted by Youtube.

UFO following JAXA rocket

UFO Today again takes a story out of context. This is about the launch video of the JAXA rocket. He immediately rejects the explainable, “it is not a plane“. Reason, the area is a ‘no-fly zone’.

“The launch went perfectly, but during the launch a strange mysterious craft was filmed,” he continues in the video description.

Evidence shows that this is a plane. The altitude and location is different from that of the JAXA rocket and no, it’s not chasing the rocket as claimed in the title. The no-fly zone remark is irrelevant.

Real UFO’s caught on camera 2017

On May 20, 2017 UFO Today is caught for publishing a produced UFO video. When this was exposed he removed the video.

Below are a few examples of how he disseminates his disinformation and the claims he makes: