Eerie UFO Sightings Black Triangular Flying Object Persists

The black triangular flying object continues to be spotted. This month more than 50 reports were reported on a UFO investigation website by witnesses throughout the United States.

MUFON, an American company that investigates UFO sightings, received in January reports of witnesses who have observed a black triangular flying object.

Lions Ground has learned that many UFO reports are false. Most have a rational explanation and some of them give us the impression that disinformation has been submitted deliberately but a handful of sightings needs to be investigated.

Some people believe that the mysterious black flying object is the surveillance aircraft TR-3A Black Manta. The existence of this vehicle has so far never been confirmed with evidence, however, the vehicle has many similarities with the Stealth Bomber.

TR-3A Black Manta claim contradicts the Nuremberg Celestial Phenomenon, Lions Ground has learned. In 1561 inhabitants of the German town Nuremberg witnessed a strange battle between different shapes of flying objects, including the triangular UFO.

Last recent observation

Today a black triangular craft was seen above Philipsburg. The witness describe the UFO as transparent with a kind of projection as camo.

The witnesses writes: “Driving to west Decatur from Philipsburg, near Conklin motors noticed the cell phone tower in distance seemed to be getting closer. Pulled over at Conklin salvage noticed massive black triangle craft moving from west Decatur/Morgan run area towards hawk run. Craft easily half a mile long. Either transparent or projected image from topside. Shimmering image of night sky lead me to believe it was projection or similar technology. Craft made no sound, single white pulsing light on all 3 corners. Craft moved approx. 25 mph full sighting lasting 5 min from start until it disappear over hill behind prison.”

TR-3B Astra Black Triangle UFO

Two days ago, Lions Ground published a video on YouTube to pay attention to this phenomenon including some of the most recent sightings.

The black triangular craft continues to this day observed by people around the world.