UFO Sighting In The Sky Stuns Thousands Across The Globe

Begin this month, thousands of people across the globe report a strange light hovering high in the sky. The bright and luminous light could be both seen by many and was reported as ‘two circular lights’ in various parts of the world. Lions Ground breaks the story with our very first UFO sighting report.

Just on the 30th of May, thousands of people across the globe witnessed a strange light in the sky. The bright and luminous light could be seen by many, who reported it as ‘two circular lights’ in various parts of the world.

Jose, a local resident from Las Vegas, was one such person who witnessed this phenomenon and reported his UFO sighting exclusively to Lions Ground. Jose’s report indicated that he saw an unidentified object from home facing Charleston Peak in the East direction.

He said to have seen two circular lights. They hovered in the sky, too high to be known aircraft. The lights remained stationary for about two hours and disappeared by daybreak. The next night, they did not return.

“Two circular lights hovered inside the atmosphere too high and still to be known aircraft, one of the lights was flashing colors when zooming in,” said Jose in his UFO report, the eyewitness.

“They remained stationary for approximately two hours and were gone by daybreak … not there the next night or since,” he continued.

Watch the Original Video

Watch the original video send by the eyewitness exclusively on Lions Ground. The case is filed under CF7-1651484716-5582.

From Houston, Texas to Rio de Janeiro, people across the globe have shared the same observation on social networks. The question is, what did Jose see?

We have investigated this submitted UFO sighting and have the answer to what Jose witnessed above his hometown of Las Vegas. We can now confirm that the “UFO” was not created by extraterrestrial life.

Instead, it was merely a result of planet formation.


The UFO sighting report was first checked and verified that the report matches the metadata of the original video file that Jose sent to Lions Ground. This is absolutely correct except for the direction of the UFO sighting which can be easily mistaken. In actuality, he was facing East/South East towards Nevada State Museum and Spring Valley when he captured it.

Lions Ground have also confirmed that it is indeed a genuine sighting and not photoshopped as some users have suggested. Jose has also confirmed this when asked about the issue. Jose’s video footage early in the morning seems to prove his claims to be true.

José pulled out his camera to record it. He describes it as a disc. We see this footage, as well as images, taken by people in different places. As it turns out, what Jose saw was not an alien spacecraft but rather Venus and Jupiter—the two brightest planets visible from Earth—in conjunction. This means they were so close together that they appeared to be almost touching one another.

Several reliable sources such as Space.com and Earthsky.com have reported about the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and this perfectly match the time and date of Jose’s video recording: Venus and Jupiter would reach their closest proximity, appearing just a few degrees apart—and even though it doesn’t look like it from Earth, they are actually located at different distances from our planet.

courtesy of solarsystemscope.com

This is a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and Jose was lucky according to Space.com: “It’s the closest they’ve appeared since 2016 and won’t happen again until March 2023.

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