Watch: Strange UFO Sighting in Colorado Captured on Night Vision Camera

A strange object was captured on night vision after an alleged UFO sighting in Colorado. The video was posted on YouTube on June 2nd last year by Jason Suraci and shows the peculiar bright object in the sky that appears to move in one straight line, reports Coast to Coast AM. Some believe the object could be Starlink Satellites.

Jason Suraci attended Joshua Warren’s Finding Your Magic seminar in Las Vegas and had just returned. He lives in Colorado, near the Space Command Air Force base. Every night, he sees odd things in the sky—tube-like UFOs that people all over the US have been seeing for days. He sent Joshua Warren and Mobius videos of what he’s seen.

He was fascinated with a video captured by the CE5 group that shows “ECETI Captures a Huge Craft.”

“The analysis clearly shows stars and other objects dithering through the clouds, but the tube-like UFO simply vanishes and never re-emerges,” says Coast to Coast AM.

“They are illuminated by the Sun, once in Earth’s shadow they will disappear. This is, for sure, Starlink by appearance and behavior.” says a Reddit, commenter.

Some say that this could be evidence of alien life forms visiting earth, but others disagree and think that maybe there was satellites nearby that day, which would explain why there were other videos being filmed at the same time as this one. Either way though – you won’t find many people who don’t think this sighting looks pretty darn cool!


A lot of people believe that it could be the Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX. The object appeared in the sky and was moving very slowly.

Someone else from the Netherlands noticed this “object” moving across the sky in 2019 late at night.

SpaceX announced the project in 2015, and it’s designed to provide internet access to remote areas of the planet. The company has over 2,300 functioning Starlink satellites in orbit, which makes it the largest satellite constellation currently in operation by a wide margin.


There you have it! The Starlink satellite constellation is the source of many conspiracy theories, but we’re pretty sure this strange object captured on night vision isn’t what Elon Musk intended when he first came up with his idea for SpaceX’s massive network.

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