Amazing Secret UFO Images From The Nellis Air Force Base

The Nellis Air Force Base is a place where many UFOs have been sighted. In the past few years, UFO sightings in the area have increased significantly. What happened 28 years ago at the Nellis Air Force Base?

In 1994, a UFO was caught on film by a government-controlled state of the art radar tracking system known as Area S30 on the Nellis Test Range, home of the infamous UFO hotspot known as Area 51. That footage has haunted us for decades, but today, we can finally see it in full. The footage has been stabilized and the official radio transmission between the controller and operators has been added.

The History of Nellis Air Force Base

The History of Nellis Air Force Base
Western Air Express Air Field, shown above in 1941, served as a major hub for mail and travelers going to and from Salt Lake City. Nellis Air Force Base is now located on the site of Western Airport Express; luckily for us it still provides transportation services!

Nellis Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base located in the Las Vegas Valley. The base itself covers more than 14,000 acres, the area covers more than 5,000 square miles, making it the largest and most demanding advanced air combat training mission in the world.

The base was founded in 1941 under its original name, as Las Vegas Army Airfield until 1943 when it became Nellis Army Air Field. During World War II, the field served as an auxiliary gunnery school for all branches of service other than infantry training which was done at Camp Carson’s Colorado Springs campus.

The facility was later renamed Nellis Air Force Base after Lieutenant Colonel Prentiss Gilbert Nellis (1904–1944) who served as a pilot during World War II and died during training exercises at Gowen Field near Boise Idaho on March 26th 1944.

Over the years, the base has been home to several different aircraft squadrons, including the Thunderbirds, a fighter wing and a bomber wing. But it’s not all war planes at Nellis; one of its most interesting roles is to serve as an important training ground for pilots and other airmen who need practice bombing targets in remote desert areas like Nevada’s Nevada Test Site. As such, Nellis serves as an ideal testing facility for experimental aircraft—and some people believe that these secret projects have led to some UFO sightings over Area 51 and beyond.

Area 51 and the Nellis Range

secret base called S4
It appears that “the bodies of captured aliens” are kept in S4, rather than at Area 51.

In March of 1958, the United States Air Force created a program for the testing and evaluation of new prototypes for military aircraft. This project was code-named Project 51 and was located on Groom Lake (later named Area 51), which is situated in Nevada. The facility was also used as a covert operations base by the CIA’s Special Activities Division to test spy planes under development there such as the Lockheed U-2.

The Nellis Range is located just northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada and it is part of the USAF’s Creech AFB where it hosts various air combat exercises annually. It includes various ranges with different target sets including live fire ranges that can be used by air crews coming from all over America to practice their skills before they go into combat overseas or even experience real battle conditions against enemy forces overseas!

Nellis Air Force Base UFO Sighting Caught on Tape

In 1994, Area S30 on the Nellis Test Range—home of the infamous UFO hotspot known as Area 51—caught footage of a UFO using a cutting-edge radar tracking system.

The footage was captured by a team of Air Force personnel, and it clearly shows a mysterious object moving across the desert landscape at speeds that are too fast to be achieved by any aircraft known at the time.

The video has been analyzed and studied extensively over the years, but there is still no explanation for what it shows.

Remarkably little is said about this incident in government records. It’s almost as if they don’t want anybody to know what really happened at Nellis Air Force Base that night… or maybe they just don’t want anyone to know what they’re doing there in general? Either way, it’s clear that something strange happened at Area 51 that night!

Watch the video below …

Radio transmission

ExternalController“[unintelligible]  … point zero at this time.”
MaleController“Its a helicopter!”
MaleController“That’s why its so slow.”
FemaleController“Might be some kind of debris.”
FemaleController“It’s not much more than a round dot, but it looks different to most dots.”
ExternalController“[unintelligible] ..two zero…one one zero level, okay…heading North at this time.”
FemaleController“Got any ideas what it is?”
MaleController“I got a helo!”
FemaleController“You’ve got a helicopter?”
MaleController“Yeah – can’t get a result on these things!”
ExternalController“[unintelligible]… two five two …[unintelligible]”
MaleController“I don’t know what the hell that is – that’s a helo, isn’t it?”
MaleController“[chuckle] … What is that?  I don’t know! … I’ve no idea!”
ExternalController“[unintelligible] … flight level … [unintelligible simultaneous talking]”
FemaleController“Looks like one.  Right up high now, goin’ like .. straight up!”
MaleController“Its a balloon, ain’t it?  I don’t know what the hell that is, man!”
FemaleController“I think it’s a helicopter.”
MaleController“[unintelligible] … forget it! … data on him.”
FemaleController“Straight up, boy!”
MaleController“I’m outta here!”
FemaleController“Oh, okay.”
MaleController“What the hell is it? …  I’m gonna lose it in the sun, [unintelligible]”
FemaleController“Call sign?”
MaleController“Err … I don’t even know what it is!”
MaleController“Must be at eleven thousand feet a minute.” (?)
FemaleController“It’s weird-lookin’!”
ExternalController“[unintelligible] .. non-FLIR!” (?)
ExternalController “Non-FLIR!” (?)
FemaleController“See him?” (?)
ExternalController“[unintelligible] … non-FLIR, non-FLIR!” (?)   [FLIR = Forward-Looking Infrared radar]
FemaleController“See him?” (?)

Carson Sink UFO incident

Carson Sink UFO incident
Three ‘airplanes’ that were faster than any other aircraft at the time, according to military pilots of an American bomber, were allegedly spotted.

It was a hot summer day, and the two United States Air Force colonels were on their way from California to Colorado in a B-25 when they saw something strange over Carson Sink.

Two pilots flying over Carson Sink, Nevada at 3:40 P.M., observed three unidentified aircraft ahead of them and to their right at a height of 11,000 feet (3,400 m) moving rapidly toward the southwest at 330 km/h (180 knots).

The two initially believed the aircraft to be F-86s, but later realized they were flying too high for that—as well as flying in a V formation.

The mysterious aircraft was quickly close enough for the pilots to see that it was a brilliant silver, delta-wing craft with no cockpit or pilot.

The colonels stated that the plane had a ridge running from the nose to the tail. The aircraft then made an extremely fast left turn and passed within 800 yards of their B-25 (730 m), before taking off at an estimated speed three times faster than that of F-86s, disappearing into view in only four seconds.

The Air Force’s Project Blue Book was informed about the occurrence by the Air Defense Command, but no explanation was provided. It was referred to as a “excellent UFO report with an undetermined conclusion” in Edward Ruppelt’s follow-up book on unidentified flying objects.

Both pilots turned down that the planes they observed were F-86s. The study likewise examined balloons—including research windbags and weather ones, yet neither of those had been noticed in the region either.

Prior to the incident, McGinn and Barton had doubted reports of flying saucers. In Colorado Springs, however—where they were questioned about such claims—the pilots themselves claimed that their views on UFOs had changed since seeing one for themselves.

Many people believe these UFO images are proof that aliens have visited the Earth

Before his death in 1996, Phil Schneider had given a number of speeches around the country. In these talks, he claimed to have played an important role in building a secret military base beneath the surface of Dulce, New Mexico.

Some claimed that he had a contact with an alien race in the 1970s, but those rumors deeply affected his life. Richard Dolan, Richard Sauder and Cynthia Drayer have written analyses of the claims in this documentary that are based on talks with Phil Schneider.

You may find never-before-seen images of Phil’s autopsy, as well as documents from Oscar Schneider’s files (Phil’s father). This documentary also explains the history of underground bases.

It is remarkable that the Phil Schneider’s lectures are suddenly scarce, as if this is being silently erased from the internet!

Watch the video below …

Many people believe these UFO images are proof that aliens have visited the Earth. The Nellis Air Force Base is located in Nevada, USA. The U.S government has been secretly hiding alien technology from the public for many years. They have built underground bases all over the planet, but there are only a few of them that we know about because they are so well hidden by the government’s security forces and military personnel who work at these bases on a 24/7 basis 365 days per year around the clock seven days per week non stop 24 hours per day without stopping whatsoever no breaks allowed ever!

There are many types of aliens that live here on Earth, some of them are very friendly and others are not at all. The government has been hiding many different kinds of alien technology from the public for many years. They have built underground bases all over the planet, but there are only a few of them that we know about because they are so well hidden by security forces and military personnel who work at these bases on a 24/7 basis 365 days per year around the clock seven days per week non stop 24 hours per day without stopping whatsoever no breaks allowed ever!


In conclusion, we can say that the Nellis Range is a very interesting place. There have been many UFO sightings around this area and many people believe in aliens. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something new about UFOs!

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