UFO Near Volcano Eruption on Live TV

A UFO is spotted near the Las Palmas Volcano in the Canary Island. That is the title reflecting what the internet user saw on live television on Wednesday, September 29.

The Spanish television network Television Canaria is doing a report about the volcano eruption that has been going on since September 19. The evacuation was just in time because a few hours later the havoc started.

During a disaster, the whole world is watching and there is always a few who see something unusual.

In this recording of the live television you see the savage hellish environment where a lot is going on. Rivers of lava to molten rock flying in all directions.

People see a white orb approaching, a UFO is showing a lot of interest in the volcano. Looks like it’s flying towards it.

Due to the fact that flying debris always flies away from the volcano I can safely say that this is not lava debris because the white flying unknown object is flying towards it. Better yet, there is a moment when it flies around.

What we are looking at is very possibly a drone. One moment you can see the flickering lights.

Drones are used more often in these kinds of situations because it is much safer than approaching by foot, and you can get very close to the volcano.

But a drone can’t get close like in the footage?

That is not true, what you see in the video below is a drone video flying near the hot lava.

Of course this is not healthy for any drone because as you know electronics need cooling. That is why you usually see a drone flying by so that the wind keeps the electronics cool.

Write below what you think this thing is?

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