UFO Lights Over Perranporth Beach Explained

Perranporth – A dog walker saw six floating bright orbs in the air on Tuesday, writes local newspaper Cornwall Live. Did the witness saw extraterrestrial UFOs?

[fa class=”far fa-times-circle fa-5x”] False, the UFO-like flashing lights over Perranporth are not alien UFOs. Investigation on the available material has shown that the light orbs are flares. There is visual and audio evidence to demonstrate what the citizens have witnessed are flares. Lions Ground presents the evidence in this article. The video version of this fact-checking publication is available here.

On June 16, a dog walker named Darren witnessed on the beach in Perranporth bright apparitions described as UFO-like flashing lights at 9:30 pm. The witness told the local newspaper that they were not moving and the lights flickered on and off.

The witness told Cornwall Live: “They weren’t moving and were just flashing on and off. There were clusters of them At first I thought they may have been fireworks but they weren’t moving. There were five or six of them and they’d flash on and off.”

Darren explains to the local newspaper that he never experienced this. He has heard no sounds of flying vehicles such as helicopters or fighter jets.

“I have no idea what they could have been but they weren’t fireworks or a helicopter. It was five or six bright lights flashing on and off in the exact same place,” Darren told Cornwall Live.

The second video recorded by another witness expose more details.

The following evidence can be extracted from the video in question:

  • Smoke trails;
  • Popping sound;

Smoke trails

Smoke trails is a good indicator the light orbs are flares. The chemical reaction and combustion produces smoke, see example. A frame from this video has been extracted in which smoke trails are demonstrably visible.

Popping sound

In the book Combat Bandsman: Memoir of a Tour in Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division, the sound of flares is described: “Outside I heard the distant popping sounds of flares being launched along the line of bunkers.”

Below you witness the audio analysis emerging two popping sounds.


Due to the distance, the popping sound is delayed. Upon syncing the audio and video you learn the flares being popped the moment it ignites.

The local newspaper has been contacted on Wed, Jun 17, 2020 by Lions Ground. CornwallLive fails to respond to Lions Ground’s inquiry or change the publication. A reminder has been send on June 20th.

The source of the flares is undecided. Royal Navy writes on their official website that they have completed training in the Celtic Sea. We asked Royal Navy for a response and replied to answer our inquiry on June 30th. This article will be updated as soon as we have received a response.

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