UFO Gets Shot By Romanian Military Captured On Camera

A video depicting a UFO being shot by the Romanian military raises questions.

A friend of the person who posted a handful of UFO videos recorded the alleged UFO video on September 2, 2021 in Romania.

Witness say a bright orb flew for about an hour in the skies over the Romanian Black Sea.

The poster says with certainty that this is not about a drone or Chinese Lantern.

Watch Video

The videos contain no sound but give juicy details of what happened that day. Watch the video below and read on.


Debunker Mick West thinks it looks like some kind of target practice, but that claim is questioned.

Here is why …

A user claims he has spent his entire childhood living near a military base, and that he has spent more than ten years along the seaside, far closer to the airfield there than in these films.

Because there are people in these regions, training flares or balloons are never used.

Because of the distance, the airbase’s land is considerably higher up, and when / if they do target practice, it is never visible from civilian houses.

For safety reasons, the military is allotted a section of the sea that is not near civilian facilities.

Because there are so many sea resorts, Chinese lanterns and drones are highly frequent, but they are never too bright, and they are never shot at by the military because they are authorized to be used in that area, and they are aware of it.

This is really unique, and he has never seen anything like that on the Romanian coast or elsewhere in the country.

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