UFO Chase Helicopter Over Dordrecht, Netherlands

According to today’s UFO video, a man named Nick Watkinson, who lives in the Netherlands, was outside when he spotted a helicopter flying overhead. Some believe the UFO was chasing the helicopter.

UFO Chase Helicopter

Watkinson grabbed his phone and took some video of the chopper as it went on its way. As he did so, Watkinson noticed that there was an object hovering near the helicopter.

The sky is the limit… but really, what’s up there? Many of the things we see in the sky are hard to identify. Is that a bird? A plane? Or maybe just a UFO.

Some commenters have said that a UFO was chasing a helicopter. Watkinson couldn’t believe his eyes.

Nick Watkinson, the key witness and poster of the video, summed up his experience in the caption of his post: “What the f***s going on here….”

“F***k knows what it is?? Never seen this before in my life … probably get deleted off Facebook soon,” said Nick Watkinson, the author of the video post on Facebook.

This UFO Chase Helicopter Over Dordrecht, Netherlands video was published today on Facebook and is making its rounds on the social media platform. It appears to show a round shape with a trace of smoke.

If you’ve taken the time to investigate, you may have discovered a news report about this UFO event or you may have even stumbled upon a video that supposedly shows what really happened.

Well, you could say we stormed out with a UFO story, but it’s not really. The strange object in the video is not a flying saucer, but a water bucket. The white elongated plume is not smoke but water. A Dutch national newspaper reported today that a fire-fighting helicopter was being practiced to prepare for the wildfire season.

On Duivelseiland in Dordrecht, the Zuid-Holland fire department and the Royal Netherlands Air Force were in action today. A Cougar helicopter was utilized as a firefighting helicopter during the drill, which might be useful in the event of fires in vast, industrial complexes where fires are difficult to access.

“The Zuid-Holland Zuid fire brigade and the Royal Netherlands Air Force will be in action together today on Duivelseiland in Dordrecht. It is an exercise, in which a helicopter of the type Cougar is used as a firefighting helicopter. This can be useful in the event of fires in large, industrial complexes, where fires are difficult to reach,” reports AD, newspaper.

“We train together with @VNOGregio. The heli team prepares for wildfire season. The @dhcluchtmacht also flies in the vicinity of @gemzwijndrecht during this exercise,” said Fire Department ZHZ.

It is therefore not a UFO chase or something else weird that you see when flying over the island today, but an exercise that takes place at various locations on Duivelseiland.

You never forget your first time, and the fire brigade in this region and the Air Force is no exception.

In fact, they’re so close, it’s like they’ve been practicing together their whole lives.

The two organizations have a history that goes all the way back to almost four years ago when the Air Force came to the rescue during a fire at the Montapacking company in Molenaarsgraaf, the Netherlands.

How to fact-check this kind of stories?

As a member of the press, one of my favorite questions to hear is: “How do I fact-check something?” The answer? It’s simple! Just ask these three questions:

  • When did this happen?
  • Where did this happen?
  • What happened?

The “UFO chase helicopter over Dordrecht, Netherlands” is a perfect example of how you can tell whether or not a story is true.

To fact-check the story, I Googled for Dordrecht helikopter (Dutch for a helicopter) and limited the results to news results only, and trimmed it even further down to the past 24 hours.

I learned that this involves fire training with the helicopter. Thanks to the information on when, where, and what I came across more videos that recorded this on YouTube. It only took 1 minute of my time.

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