Trump Prepares Military Space Force to Protect Earth Against Hostile Aliens, Claims Nick Pope

Nick Pope makes bold claims about President Donald Trump and UFOs.

Trump Created Military Space Force Because he Found Out About US UFO Secrets?
Sarah Huckabee Sanders smiled when a reporter asked during a press briefing if President Donald Trump believes in the existence of UFOs. Credits: CBS News.

President Trump should have found out about the US UFO secrets, which are directly related to his plans for military space power. That claims former defense official Nick Pope.

Nick Pope, who ran the UFO desk of the British Ministry of Defense for years, said the president needs to be aware of the secret UFO project at the Pentagon.

Trump should also know that a Senate committee is currently investigating an incident in 2004 in which naval pilots filmed and pursued an unidentified flying object in the shape of a tic tac, says Pope.

UFO secrets

He believes that all this has contributed to the plans of the president to create a military space power.

The military space power should be completed by 2020.

“Donald Trump must know about America’s UFO secrets,” claims Pope.

Hostile Aliens

“There are conspiracy theories suggesting President Trump’s plans for a Space Force reflect a need to protect Earth against hostile aliens. There were similar conspiracy theories about President Reagan’s Star Wars plan,” he continued.

“In the 2016 Presidential campaign both Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta made some fairly strong ‘pro-UFO’ statements, but we don’t know what President Trump knows or thinks about the issue,” Pope said.


“But we don’t know – for example – whether he supports the move to hold formal Congressional hearings on this,” he said.

The UFO community fantasize about ‘Disclosure’. “… maybe President Trump will just Tweet it one evening,” Pope concluded.