TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof [REVIEW]

TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof a documentary in which mainly professionals speak about their UFO encounter with the finger on the claim that government bodies pressure professionals through intimidation and threats to cover up this topic.

The documentary is led by the founder of celebrity news website TMZ Harvey Levin, who believes the unknown flying objects pose a threat to America’s security. Known UFO key figures, compilation of UFO footage together with professionals form the plot of this documentary.

This documentary is a TMZ production. This online news website is known for the hottest celebrity news. TMZ has thoroughly investigated the UFO field and especially the Pentagon report. The fact that their news releases about celebrities are constantly accurate makes it extra difficult for us to comprehend why they haven’t applied their professional qualities in this documentary.

For example, Harvey Levin crowned George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell UFO pioneers. A pioneer is a person who is one of the first people to do something, Jeremy Corbell is not one of them and we will elaborate later in this review article.

Together with Harvey they are looking at a slideshow of three photos taken by a co-pilot who is sitting behind the main pilot in 2019. Knapp & Corbell present the photos as UFOs accompanied by unfounded claims while Harvey firmly confirms this. But these are not UFOs, these are clearly balloons.

“The Stem” of the balloon is clearly visible the second photo is nothing more than a Mylar balloon, a recreation balloon to be precise.

When balloons are genuinely labeled as UFOs, the rest of the UFO material presented in the documentary is severely damaged, because it’s mocking true UFO cases. Not only UFO critics but most of the UFO community know that this is about balloons.

The UFO pioneers and Levin ignore the facts and push the UFO agenda.

Remember the moment TMZ addressed Kanye West when he said “slavery was a choice” because that weird statement was unfounded? Why is this mentality not be found in this documentary? When you watch this documentary, the quality that TMZ is so famous for, is completely missing.

TMZ is not the only one The crime show 60 minutes, known for high quality investigative journalism also covered this topic, and Lieutenant Ryan Graves is part of this documentary (who is also part of “The Pentagon Proof’s” plot). The same photos are being used. Just like TMZ, exactly the same behavior, no trace of investigative journalism, no critical questions were asked. Actually almost all of the mainstream media dropped their standards.

Key figures in this documentary includes:

  • Lue Elizondo, who served as former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).
  • Martin Heinrich, an American politician and businessman serving as the senior United States Senator from New Mexico.
  • Harry Reid, a retired American attorney and politician who served as a United States Senator from Nevada from 1987 to 2017. He led the Senate Democratic Caucus from 2005 to 2017 and was the Senate Majority Leader from 2007 to 2015.
  • Ryan Graves, former Navy Lieutenant saw the objects enter protected air space almost on a daily basis between 2014 – 2015.
  • Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and later for Security and Information Operations.
  • George Knapp, an American television investigative journalist, news anchor, and talk radio host.
  • Jeremy Corbell, American contemporary artist, documentary filmmaker and UFO enthusiast.

Most of the key figures had a professional position in the government and military. In our opinion Corbell is the key figure why the reputation in ufology is going down drastically, worse, damaging the reputation of the key characters with professional background and this is why.

Jeremy Corbell is a filmmaker and calls himself an investigative filmmaker, known for the Netflix documentary “Bob Lazar Area 51 & Flying Saucers”. If you strip away the stock footage, self-poses, this becomes an empty documentary. Besides the fact that his cell phone can receive messages from the future (Jeremy shows he gets contacted by Bob Lazar, who is in the middle of a raid. While in fact, the date of the real event is not the same as the date of that raid) the star in question Bob Lazar comes up with more empty claims.

Like the biometric scanner used to get into S-F, in his own documentary he says he finally came across the hand scanner on the internet but later claims on the Joe Rogan show that he got it from an insider. The hand scanner is featured in the mega movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” that Corbell has seen too many times.

Corbell, the investigative filmmaker, says Lazar examined an alien craft that ran on an antimatter reactor powered by element 115. Two weeks after Scientific America’s publication, Bob Lazar reached out to the American public.

In May 1989, he appeared in an interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on Las Vegas TV station KLAS, under the pseudonym “Dennis” and with his face hidden, to discuss his purported employment at “S-4”, a subsidiary facility he claimed exists near the Nellis Air Force Base installation known as Area 51.

In addition to these facts, he has been repeatedly informed by fact-checkers that Bob Lazar’s story is false.

Never has Corbell reported this in any of his documentaries while he finds the truth extremely important.

The two figures involved with the Bob Lazar story are also the key characters in TMZ’s documentary, “The Pentagon Proof”. This identifies the key weak points and key characters of the documentary “The Pentagon Proof”.

What also strikes us is that “The Pentagon Proof” has one clear underlying statement, that UFOs are a threat. This propaganda has been going on for some time in the media with arguments that there have been near collisions with planes.

“Ah, you mean when you fly at lightning speed to a hovering object take pictures?” The story of pilot Ryan Graves is linked to the photos to trick people into thinking these balloons are UFOs.

The theory is: If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. However, in practice, people don’t bite. This balloon UFO story is also extremely strange.

According to FAA’s “In-Flight Intercept Procedures”, “Approach & Identification” took place to make visual contact and then the pilot chose “Breakaway Maneuver” because they understand this is a false alarm. If you watch the documentary carefully, the pilot doesn’t talk about what happened afterwards. They only talk about the moment the photo was taken.

Think back to the most recent UFO witness statement you’ve seen online. The witnesses or the source tell what he did before the moment, then the moment when he sees the UFO, and the final, for example: the witnesses say the UFO flew away or something of that nature.

Back to the balloon UFO story you encounter in the documentary. This story doesn’t sound like a witness statement, better yet they took the time to take a picture of it. Promises were also made for exciting new video material. Regardless they stick to their promise, the new videos do not add any value to the documentary.

One video, the SPLASH video, reminds you of the Tic Tac video —without good arguments let alone facts this is labeled as “extraordinary UAP” because it disappears behind the horizon the second video shows two flying objects comply to the FAR regulations, yes yes UFOs using flashing lights because that’s required by law.


Our conclusion starts with a question: Is this worth checking out? People who are a little familiar with UFOs will not be pleased.

Video footage used in “The Pentagon Proof” has been seen thousands of times in previous documentaries and online. In fact, people are more likely to get irritated because of the underlying message UFOs pose a security threat.

We also don’t recommend people who are new to ufology to watch this documentary due to the level of disinformation. If you strip away the super exciting stories and beautiful effects and transitions from “The Pentagon Proof” you are left with a compilation video that you have already seen thousands of times.

With a title like “TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof” you expect a presentation of some form of investigation. In the entire documentary there’s no demonstration of investigation, but stories adopted from figures who can be considered unreliable discrediting ufology and key characters with professional background in this documentary.

The question we are left with is, what is really the purpose of this documentary?

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