This is why you need to eat MORE salt

This is why you need to eat MORE salt

A higher salt intake than the recommended amount results in contrast to what most thought to lower blood pressure. This is shown by a new study.

Many people think that a salt-rich diet is not good for your blood pressure. The Nutrition Center warns that excessive salt intake is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine say that there is too little evidence to support this advice.

No proof

The study led by Lynn Moore shows that we just should eat more salt.

“We have no evidence that low salt in diets had little beneficial long-term effects on blood pressure,” she said.

“Our findings are consistent with the growing evidence that the current advice may be wrong regarding salt intake.”

Not good

People who received less than 2.5 grams of salt per day had higher blood pressure than people who consumed higher amounts. The advice in the Netherlands is up to 2.4 grams.

The researchers followed 2,600 adults. Less than 16 years, the blood pressure of subjects was monitored.

The study shows that it is not good to reduce the salt intake to the recommended amount.


Moore also emphasized the importance of diets rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals lower the blood pressure.

The research results were presented at the Experimental Biology 2017 meeting.