Thirdphaseofmoon – The Blake Cousins

Thirdphaseofmoon - The Blake Cousins

The Blake Cousins, founders of Thirdphaseofmoon, a Youtube channel related to mysteries and UFOs with nearly 500,000 followers. A classic hoax and disinformation channel that is no stranger to other debunkers.

Thirdphaseofmoon is the second largest Youtube channel about UFOs. They have been seen on National Geographic and SYFY.

Does Thirdphaseofmoon Publish Fake Videos?

They are capable to deliver very beautiful video productions we dearly respect but they are also capable to intentionally publish misinformation and fabricate claims such as “WHAT THE HELL!!? Super Human MAN Displays Extraordinary Powers!! Military Cover-Up“.

As explained in the Lions Ground video, this is the world famous “Anti-Gravity Illusion” invented by three people: Michael Jackson, Michael Bush, and Dennis Tompkins. The fact is, this invention is protected under patent number: US5255452A.

On January 15, 2018, Thirdphaseofmoon pushes through the next video what appears to be fake too. The UFO video material is praised by Pedro Ramírez. The video material is very easy to mask with Adobe After Effects.

The creator of this video experienced an obstacle. The camera moved the moment the UFO crossed the tree and for this reason, it loses its details which is impossible to mask. At that moment the best way to get rid of the evidence is to make the footage extra shakey to remove the evidence of fabrication.

The JAXA launch video, which has also been labeled by the hoaxer UFO Today as UFO, is described by Thirdphaseofmoon as something unearthly.

“Something Otherworldly Follows Worlds Largest Rocket,” claims Thirdphaseofmoon.

It is remarkable that someone who writes in his own biography that they have more than ten years’ experience in investigating UFOs fails to exhaust all other options first.

In a video about space debris by Stuart Gray, more than 40,000 objects are actually left by man.

“Over 40,000 man-made objects have been tracked in Earth orbit since 1957. Many of the objects have since burned up in the atmosphere and currently there are just over 17,000 trackable objects in orbit,” says Gray in the video description.

Copyright violation

Last year Lions Ground received an email from Thirdphaseofmoon to remove a video because of exclusive copyrights violation. This is about a video with a female, a spicy one-on-one conversation with one of the Blake cousins.

Based on the actions of Thirdphaseofmoon you can conclude from this that they are hoaxers and do not hesitate to take stories out of context in order to fabricate a story, this is what the facts are saying. The rule of three has spoken.

To show how dirty the hoax industry actually is: On March 21, 2017, UFO debunker UFO Proof publishes the Thirdphaseofmoon interview in which he invited himself to collaborate with them. “Give them a chance to change” which sounds great in first place. Until today, the promise shown failure while the two parties continue to promote each other. Death Silence in the debunking community except for Lions Ground. For this reason we launch our own unbiased blacklist.

Thirdphaseofmoon Hoaxer Confirmed
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