The Unidentified: Are we alone in the Universe?

Today 60 Minutes drops The Unidentified: Are we alone in the Universe? on CBS. A nerve-wracking documentary about UFOs filled with key figures and spectacular footages spinning around on one question, are they earthy?

The subject of whether we are alone in the universe, whichever name you give it, has sparked our interest for decades. In terms of UFOs, science and the military have virtually rejected them until now.

The fact that the military has come up and stated that these are genuine physical objects and that they need to research, evaluate, make sense of, analyze the data, and proceed from there speaks volumes about how widely this is recognized.

Last year, remarkable videos filmed by US navy pilots and published by the Pentagon changed everything.

Our specialists study the mystery of these modern UFOs and address the question that their existence raises: are we alone?

Extraterrestrial Life

A woman claims she was abducted 52 times by aliens in a UFO and that marks on her body prove it!

Last June 25, US President Joe Biden’s Director of National Intelligence issued a study on UFOs, dubbed “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP). For the first time in history, the United States government admitted that UFOs exist and could pose a military threat.

“Something serious is out there,” said Greg Eghigian, a Penn State University professor who studies the history of the UFO phenomenon.

San Diego State University chemists are exploring methods to uncover signs of life on other planets by looking for the building blocks of proteins in a place they’ve never been able to test before: inside rocks, thus according Sarah White in a news publication of January 27, 2022 at SDSU NewsCenter.

Jessica Torres, a PhD student studying chemistry at SDSU, is working with techniques to extract amino acids from porous rocks that could be utilized on future rovers after partnering with researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in La Caada Flintridge in 2019. Unfortunately this quest is concentrated only on a microscopic scale.

Former Israeli space chief Haim Eshed claims that Israel has already made contact with aliens, but that this has been kept hidden because humanity is not yet ready.

Eshed, who oversaw Israel’s space program for 30 years, told the Yedioth Aharonot daily that both Israel and the US have had contact with aliens for years.

Trump is aware of their presence, according to Eshed, and is “about” to announce their existence. The Galactic Federation intervened, ostensibly to prevent mass hysteria.

First and foremost, humanity must “reach a stage of evolution where we understand what space is and what spaceships are,” said Yedioth Aharonot.

Dr Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst Space & Security, Strategy & capability development, future warfare and military technology, and Chinese military modernization, was asked by 60 Minutes host Liz Hayes if it makes a difference to him now that the US Defense Department has confirmed UFOs: “Now you have the us government saying look these things are real, we’re not sure what they are but they’re real and we need to investigate them further”

The Unidentified: Are we alone in the Universe?

Based on an incredible video captured and certified by the US Military, a topic that was previously pushed into science fiction is now being regarded very seriously. Watch The Unidentified: Are we alone in the Universe? below.

Where did they originate?

When a rancher in Roswell, New Mexico, discovered what he claimed to be a flying saucer crashed on his farm in 1947, it became the first known media narrative about a UFO sighting.

UFOs were regarded seriously by the public and the US military at first, but the subject was hijacked by conspiracy theorists, who turned it into a joke.

However, these mysterious objects are now the subject of a fresh US government and military investigation, following the “official” nomenclature change from UFOs to UAPs.

It’s a move that US Navy test pilot Ryan Graves applauds, as his personal experience with UFOs while on military maneuvers led to the Pentagon study that stunned the globe.

Close Encounter With a UFO

Over the past 20 years, highly trained naval pilots like Ryan Graves have met scores of UFOs, which have been documented on a range of sensors ranging from infrared to advanced radar equipment, as well as the fighter aircraft’ nose-cone video cameras, according to the Pentagon.

Indeed, according to Lieutenant Graves, the video evidence is the least compelling part of these UFOs, as the other military detecting technologies indicate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the objects are solid and genuine.

Flir (Tic-Tac), Gimbal, and Go Fast were the names given to three unidentified craft discovered by the US military and sighted by military observers.

Flir UFO Video

Gimbal UFO Video

GoFast UFO Video


Whether the UFOs observed and videotaped by the US military are aliens exploring our planet or secret military exercises to gather intelligence, our experts remain optimistic that scientific endeavors currently ongoing on Earth may uncover evidence of alien civilisations.

Because the universe is so enormous, with billions of galaxies, it’s quite likely that we’ll find evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence at some point.

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