The Nimitz Incident Official Document

Christopher Mellon dropped yesterday a document on his Twitter account claiming this is the official report on the Nimitz incident and a UFO witness sent Lions Ground a video of a UFO sighting.

Christopher Karl Mellon is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and later for Security and Information Operations.

He was also in the documentary: “TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof” which we reviewed recently, link to that video is in the video description.

This is what he wrote on Twitter: “This is a link to an official report on the Nimitz incident. Note the key findings and how clearly the technology of the #UAPs being observed is beyond the understanding of the investigators”.

The link will take you to the alleged official document on the Nimitz incident, a 2004 UFO encounter, taken aboard a Navy fighter jet from the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.

We’re going to tell you how we feel about this, there is something very strange going on. This document stinks. A man like Mellon, we expect an expert in his field, a professional. But such a man shares a document on twitter and claims this is official?

The definition of official is: “a person holding public office or having official duties, especially as a representative of an organization or government department.”

Christopher Mellon is FORMER of everything, he is NOT practicing official duties no longer, FORMER. The first impression when we opened the document, quotes from Wikipedia, Screenshot from Google Maps, and the document is hosted on the server of the news company Las Vegas Now.

Do you understand why we think this document stinks?

This document is NOT official! We expect in the official document radar logs, not a screenshot from Google Maps. An official document should contain full transcripts, not citations from Wikipedia written by unknown people who publish stuff like this that has long been explained by researchers Looks like Steven Greer is right.

He warned that false propaganda is being pushed by the MSM and “officials”. So what conclusive does the document say? They call the term UFO Anomalous Aerial Vehicle or AAV that can become invisible to the human eye.

The document described the word ‘cloaking’.

Now pay close attention to what we’re about to tell you!

This is what Steven Greer means. Remember Jeremy Corbell’s new video promoted by TMZ? It’s suddenly in the report now, quote: “The AAV possibly demonstrated a highly advanced capability to operate undersea completely undetectable by our most advanced sensors.”

This has nothing to do with these three Tic Tac videos, nowhere is this documented but now suddenly in this document after the video of Jeremy Corbell. Again, we ask your full attention.

A few days before the release of this document, and a few days after TMZ’s documentary, UFO whistleblower Luis Elizondo shared his story to a YouTuber about an underwater UFO. Do you now understand what we mean? Do you see it too? They are sowing.

What Steven Greer warns about is literally happening right before our very eyes. The question is, what are they planting, when will they be harvested? We don’t believe in coincidence, coincidence doesn’t exist, especially when the same handful of people and media companies are involved as bees flying around the nest.

We’re telling you, there’s something going on and I’m warning you about these people. Don’t listen to their stories, but use your common sense, never settle for words, proof that’s all that matters!

You can read the full story on page 6 of the document. A pilot was airborne to conduct some tests and was tasked by the air controller to investigate a flying unknown vehicle spotted on radar. At one point he was near the object. He could not see the object with his eyes but saw water disturbance, the disturbance appeared to be 50 to 100 meters in diameter and close to round, says the document.

The moment he overflew the disturbance it disappeared.

The document says: “The disturbance was being caused by an AAV but that the AAV was cloaked or invisible to the human eye”.

Do we miss something? To our understanding this was never mentioned before that can be underwater and that it could cloak. This story ties into Corbell’s video earlier, but this took place in 2019.

Do you now see what’s going on?

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